My First Entry for Concours Photoshoot Contest!

After commenting on chubbybots first photoshoot contest post, he suggested that i should join in too! Well, its all in good fun so how could i refuse 😛 Today i came up with a weird idea and got to work. I got to work making very bad props that is lol More details after the jump but first lets get to the photo!

It will prolly be more funny to my regular readers ^^;;;

Yuki: …star

Unicorn KonaDrossel: That one is mine, this one is yours.

HAHA pretty lame!! As you can see its a surprised Nagi is surprised xmas special ^_^ with the New character Unicorn KonaDrossel(need to think of a better/shorter name) in Destroy mode! In the back we have Keroro still being kept prisoner by Yuki, and about to become the xmas tree star.

Some behind the scenes stuff:

The props took forever to make and came out kinda bad, seems im not so crafty lol.

Version 01 and version 02 tree

Also i broke a piece off my Unicorn head as i was removing it from the base XD

That red piece sticking out broke, but here i already glued it back and letting it dry

The title says “First Entry” because you can submit two different ideas and i have another in mind ^^ will be difficult to execute though, hope i have enough time to get it done!

Thanks to Lylibellule for holding such a fun contest ^_^ more info here, the deadline is the 20th! its open to anyone so join in folks, and good luck to those who are participating!


~ by rockleelotus on December 12, 2009.

20 Responses to “My First Entry for Concours Photoshoot Contest!”

  1. Man lol! You are building the props already!!! I love the first tree! Maybe just add some glue and cotton on top of it to give it a nice soft look 😀

    Lol Kero as tree star…that is so hilarious !! Lol poor Nagi, a case of mistaken gifts ^^

    • yeah i wanted the 3D tree but i jumped in without much planning and it turned out weird looking, version 2 reminds me of a cookie LOL

      lucky Nagi didnt open the present yet or the Destroyer would have gone on a rampage ^^

  2. Uwah… You’ve already made a cut-out X’mas tree…
    Urr… Is Kero (aka Yuki’s pet) going to be a decoration for the tree? XD

    Me: Is any of you wants to join the photoshoot contest?
    The gang: … *gives a bored stare*
    Me: I see… =_=

    • poorly done cut out tree XD Kero’s icon is a star so he goes on top of the tree as the center piece according to Yuki lol

      no way, the whole gang is going to back down from a challenge?!
      wheres Yoko? 😛

  3. why not make figma chritsmas tree ^^;
    it looks much better that lol christmas tree

  4. is the unicorn head really fit with drossel body ???

    • it doesnt fit at all, i used a piece of my rubber art eraser to temporarily hold it on place (wish i has some blue tac) if kept falling a lot during the shoot ^^;

  5. win!

  6. Disproportional, small body + large head. But it is quite humourous though, haha! Drossel looks ridiculous in a funny way ^^

  7. Fwah paper craft back ground! Nice! Thanks for the link Moemoekyun ^^

  8. Like the unicorn head, but kind of creepy as well. The tree is a great prop and a well done design. Just wondering if Kero is excite to put the star on or be the star – lol

    • her new role is to keep order, a little creepy intimidation goes a long way 😛 i think Kero would be against it, but sometimes he does like the be the center of attention lol

  9. Oh, will read up on the contest to see how it is~ ^^;;
    And stop breaking your gunpla! lolol
    you should sprinkle some glitter on those trees~

  10. You need some garland on the tree ^_^
    And good luck for the photo contest!

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