Little Racing Queen Yoko

Yoko gets new wheels.

“Wanna go for a spin?”

“Lets go!”


“Beep beep”

“One more time?”

“Sexy back”

“Check out that rear… on the bike”

The motorcycle is from Kamen Rider Decade candy toys i got months ago. I had this idea for a while and never got to it even though it is very simple, but yesterday i had a sleepless night and i put that time to good use ๐Ÿ˜› Hope you enjoyed this shoot, Yoko sure did! ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on December 15, 2009.

34 Responses to “Little Racing Queen Yoko”

  1. Lol Rocklee, you started to make we look at candy toys in a whole new light! That bike with yoko is very kawaii!! I love the first and last shots ๐Ÿ˜€ (yoko poison level 200%%%%)

  2. Ugu… X_X

    Nendoroid….. More nendoroids….. Uguh… *nose bleeds*

  3. I never interested with yoko but the motorcycle noooooooooooo >_<(heavy toxic)
    where you got the motorcycle ????

    • into the wheels but not the babe hmmm lol
      i got it from here …i ordered the set and had to use proxy service because they dont ship overseas, so was very expensive XD

      • mate I don’t even know how to order from amazon(japan) @_@ and now with this @_@

        • i dont know how to order from amazon japan also! they ship overseas?

          took me a while to place that order, had to use babel fish and google translate a lot lol. you basically copy and paste info from the main site onto an order form with the proxy site, then they take care of the rest ^^

        • a lot of people said in figure fm they got cheap dollfie from amazon(japan) less sharks there like if you order from ebay it cost 1500 usd but in amazon they got for 70000 yen
          well the shipment cost will killed me >_< using proxy
          maybe I will go with sic motorcycle

          I want this one ^^;;;;

        • oh i didnt know that, been behind on reading member news at ^^;

          ya i dont wanna ever use proxy again, you have to pay shipping two times as well as service fees XD

          i have that preordered! as you said kamen rider is not “rider” without his bike ^_^ they need to make Kiva, Kabuto and Decade next. i would totally buy them XD

  4. lolx! very very cute… haha.. loved it! and yoko looks very photogenic in those shots! good job! =)

  5. Haha moemoekyun, you are interested in bikes?
    And what’s with everyone with yoko? Lol, luckily i am not so interested compared to you guys.
    Btw, rocklee, i linked your blog.

    • Lessee… She’s cute, adorable and hard to ignore the fact she’s one of the few girls who is hot-blooded to be made into a nendoroid.. ;D

      • I want nendoroid rei ayanami and asuka langley soryu(shikinami) ^^;;;;;;

        • @Marzz: exactly what bd77 said lol she is a beauty and knows how to handle a rifle ๐Ÿ˜›

          thx for adding me! your going on my list too ^^

          @moemoekyun: i cant imagine how a rei or asuka will look as nendos ^^; they are popular so many someday!

  6. Dammit! its a nendoroid sized bike!!
    Decade candy toys… hmmmm Better check that out soon!

    • need more nendo sized goods! there are tons of candy toys out there, im sure many will make good accessories for figures. the hard part is obtaining them since most only sell in japan ^^;

  7. I’ll have you know I squealed when I visited your blog. That first picture is too adorable. x__x โค

    Yoko certainly looks very pleased with the bike. XD It's perfect for her!

    • i think you are my first squealer! Lol i love how the first shot turned out, Yoko is definitely happy with her new ride ^^ makes me want to look for more goodies to get my girls.

  8. Kamen ride….yo yo yo yoko!
    spiral king will have a hard time with her ^_^

  9. not wearing helmet eh? safety first for nendo man! ๐Ÿ˜†
    very cute pictures, especially the first, second and last picture ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. oh yeah you said racing queen where is the umbrella ???? ^^;;

  11. I want a motorbike for my Yoko nendo too! ToT

  12. hohoho…does this racing queen henshin? xD

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