Surprised Nagi is Surprised -December Edition-

NOTE: added clip of the leek scene from the anime 😛

“What surprised Nagi this month?”

“Spotted an alien!”

“Found a rod”

-refer to “Laser Tag” story, guess Gatack failed 😛

Konata: To lower your fever, shove this leek… up your ass!
Hit it nice and deep!

-quoted from Kemeko-sensei XD




“SUDDENLY…. Yandere!”

Hehe all taken at 2am ^^; hope you enjoyed!

-Wasnt really planning to do a Nagi post chubbybots LOL she was just looking so surprised i had to bust out the camera! 😛

I have some action stuff finished, so that or gunpla is coming up next ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on December 16, 2009.

30 Responses to “Surprised Nagi is Surprised -December Edition-”

  1. No matter how you pose it, she blends in nicely in the pics.

    Alas, poor old Gatack.

    • its hard to go wrong posing nendos… well they can be hard to pose but they look good about any angle lol

      i think we all knew from the start that Gatack was doomed 😛

  2. Super Random!! Love the yandere shot!!

    • i started the shoot only with the idea in the first pic, the ideas that came after was just me grabbing what ever was close by and seeing if anything could be done with it lol

  3. RIP Gatack, you will always be in our memories. XD

  4. so this post is for poisoning chubby with nagi even more ?? ^^;;

  5. @rocklee I’m joking with quesing your PO yesterday
    or you just curious why I always right with my stats ???
    if you curious let me try :
    I know you order robot???)lol,it’s faiz motorcycle right can transform into a robot and moe robot (nendoroid drossel)
    well I will try quessing to your scale figures
    just try with april released figures that looks great
    1.tamaki (are you try to make me jealous):35%
    well i will think the 65% later I don’t really know with PVC lines
    (give me one day)
    mate I’m not calculating robot
    ps I need to reveal how I ques chubby’s nendo ^^;;

    • ohhh Lol i was playing along with you, since i thought you enjoyed the guessing ^^ hah i want tamaki but will not make you jealous, the one im getting is released in June and is expensive!

      surprised nagi is surprised and moemoekyun’s stat ability! 😛

  6. xD Nagi’s face is like D8 The ‘Spotted an Alien!’ and Leek pic made me laugh.

    gdhskjh Nagi had enough of being surprised so now she’s surprising others by revealing her yandere tendencies. D: D: XD

  7. Argh!!! More Nagi Surprise posts!!! ( Poison level 500%%%!!!)

    Lol I love the spotted at the Alien pic 😀 And agree with ya, Nendos look good no matter the angle (yes even the pantsu shots…lol!) And Konota drossell….shove it up your ass had me cracking!!

    • Don’t run to buying nagi chubby remember the budget LOL

      • lol more poison overload for chubbs! i will try to find the clip for that leek scene for you guys ^^

        you know we have been “poisoning” each other a lot and the only antidote is to buy! need to do a reverse, maybe “budgeting” post where we give immunization somehow to keep us from the poison LOL

  8. LOL – looks like someone just scared the hell out of her or placed a Leek up her ass, either way, it is funny!

  9. I like your keroro. I have some of them but not the smaller scale one which you have. is that keroro from command base or something?

  10. man the most expensive figures released in june is miku hatsune VN02 ver 12000 yen @_@

  11. Her surprised face is so good in any situation.
    Nice funny photos. ^ ^

  12. The leek thing amused me greatly. lol!

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