HGM Neue Ziel WIP 04

Finished up the weathering for Neue Ziel’s arms and retractable arms things, but skipped the overall cleanup work. I always put that off and never get to it… example: WZC ^^;; lol also i started working on the mini Zaku and GP03, which turned out to be surprisingly fun. Still need red and blue gundam marker though.


Close up the the arms.

Weathering was added to all the arms, hard to see on the retractable ones in this pic, sorry. Colored the beam saber by rubbing a mix of metallic green and yellow, got a faded yellow green going which isnt so bad. The next step here is battle damage… maybe, lol im kinda happy with him the way he is. The damage i had planned would be the result of him being hit/nicked by the Solar System II.

Now on to the minis:

Weathered panel lining on GP03

Closeup, nice and dirty… but i will clean it up a bit more.

Working on the Zaku was fun since i had the colors! ^^

Coated metallic green ver LOL

Used metallic green and gray to do all of the color, but i didnt stop there!

Weathering and battle damage?!

Shiny damaged goodness.

After coloring, i used a cotton swab with alcohol and lightly rubbed some of the color off. Doing so removed a bit of the green and left a nice faded silver glow. Then i added spots of gray and brown. Will clean up the color overlap next time.


~ by rockleelotus on December 17, 2009.

18 Responses to “HGM Neue Ziel WIP 04”

  1. Wahahaha! Looking good! But… a weathered Metallic finish?? That’s a first, lol!

  2. Those small parts for the minis are scary to assemble…

    But the for the MA, good job. Like the glowing effect for the Mega Particle cannon. But I don’t think beam sabers should be tarnished.

    • yea the minis will need glue to put together XD

      lol i added the glowing green for the thrusters too, might change it to red once i get the markers. as for the beam saber it came as white and made or rubber ^^; it was hard to color in general to get the beam look.

  3. mate I like the way you weathering your kit >__<;;

  4. Good job for the weathering. Even the mini stamen adn zaku are also weathered very detail. Sasuga rocklee ^_^

    • maybe because im naturally messy that i can do weathering like this lol im surprised how well things turned out for the minis, i was expecting to have lots more trouble because of their small size ^^

  5. woah!! you did it!! haha.. you completed painting your mini gunplas!! and even with weathering and battle damage included!! super cool dude. im jealous of your weathering skills.. haha. you did justice to the kit lee.. =)

    • the GP03 still needs some blue paint which i dont have atm ^^; next step is to assemble! lol just be messy ren and weathering is complete ๐Ÿ˜› woot, i didnt fail my first HG kit ^^

  6. Fwah rockleelotus…you can give those who airbrush a run for their money….

    Man you even nailed the 2 little figures!!! plus battle damage!!!
    I think you can pose those with ren’s chibi gunpla haha ^^. I love the painted beam saber!!

    As for the weathering to be honest its look more like the neue ziel owned the Solar System and not the other way around lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    • maybe the beginner airbrush users? lol ^^;; yeah! cant wait to pin my zaku and gp03 to rens zaku and rx78 ๐Ÿ˜€

      lol the Solar System vs neue ziel, its nothing Gato cant handle ^^

  7. can you show us your tools for build and paint your kit I’m a little bit curious ^__^ I don’t have such enough equipment for painting tho T_T

    continue to tamaki so you
    think tamaki is as hot as Yoko ?lol

  8. Neue Ziel is looking good!! Now I REALLY want to watch 0083 to see this thing in action… O_O

    Ahh you’re painting the tiny MSes too. XDDD Any tips to share in regards to painting tiny figurines?

    • thx! he is very impressive in action, its a series not to be missed ^^

      hmm for the mini MS i painted it while it was still on the runner amd basically used the gundam markers directly on it lol for small areas you can usually just place the marker in one spot and allow the ink to run over the surface. also using a toothpick is useful too, touch it to the marker and apply to the nooks and crannies ^^

  9. wow, you give weathering to the small Zaku? awesome! But why painting it on the runner? isn’t it gonna leave a mark after you remove the parts from the runner? I might wanna give it a try when painting my figures ๐Ÿ˜€
    loves the scratches on Neue Ziel too ๐Ÿ˜€

    • ahh i didnt think that far ahead this time lol i painted it on the runner because its stable while coloring the small areas, didnt have any clippers to hold the small pieces. of course that means ill have quite a bit of touch up work ahead of me! i think with airbrushing it better to assemble then paint.
      thx, doing all those little scratches left my hands very cramped! but i liked how it turned out ^^

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