Intorducing Kamen Rider Faiz – S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii Ver. -Part 01-

Kamen Rider Faiz arrives. *warning image heavy!*


Voice: hey you!

Punch Hopper: You must be new here.

PH: But this is our territory.

Faiz: Sorry, i was just looking for…

PH: Your mommy? hahaha beat it small fry.

Faiz: Cut that out!

PH: Looks like you need to be taught a lesson in respecting your elders!

PH: Huh?!

PH: Uugghh!

PH: Shit…

Kick Hopper: Partner.

PH: Aniki!

KH: Help him find true darkness.

PH: Aniki, leave it to me.


PH: Tch! He is strong…

PH: Take this!







Faiz: Hey, i dont want to fight, im just…

Faiz: look..aah!



KH: Sorry, but i cant just stand around while my partner is like this.

PH: …Aniki.

Faiz: How did i end up it this kind of situation?

-to be continued

Loving the details on this Faiz figure ^^


~ by rockleelotus on December 18, 2009.

34 Responses to “Intorducing Kamen Rider Faiz – S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii Ver. -Part 01-”

  1. Looks like Faiz just made some new “friends”… In the wrong way. >_>

  2. mate you remins me when I still like kamen rider @_@ should start from the beginning
    I will try with SIC I never have one before

    • i always liked SIC figures but the big ones were too expensive with bad joints. this version i can afford! has some downsides but so far im okay with it ^^

      you reminded me i still need to start Black and finish up Black RX, lol im going backwards XD

  3. Faiz sure received a warm – in the hot-blooded sense – welcome. XD

  4. Faiz…… Don’t pick on someone NOT your own size.

  5. I do like kuuga and agito but somehow I hate ryuuki @_@ watch a few of agito,555,hibiki,blade,kabuto,den-O,last episode of kiva,somehow I think W is silly @_@
    well but honestly I like artificial(using technology) kamen rider like faiz,G3,IXA
    I did saw this at HLJ and confused @_@ (6000 yen)
    maybe next time I will buy kiwami damashi or s.h figurarts
    oh yeah I remember black rx ^_^ was my favorite before(I like the motorcycle tho can speak lol)

    • i seen a few ep of kuuga and agito, havent seen ryuuki but i already dont like him lol. 555, kabuto, decade, and kiva are my favs. im not liking W at all and stopped watching it.

      yea those created rider belts are pretty cool, IXA is my fav!! i want the s.h figuarts IXA XD i like black rx so far, and yup acrobatter is awesome ^^

      • how about blade have you saw it ?? (I don’t like kamen rider with card tho)

        • only seen clips of Blade on youtube, i thought cards were weird for kamen rider. actually the first card rider i saw was Decade, and i like him. not sure if i will like Blade.

          also havent seen hibiki, looks crappy! only seen two den-o moves and not the series, it was okay. maybe i need to give it a try… seems he is so popular o.O

  6. @rocklee wow you like IXA too
    but somehow I like G3 because he is more realistic using armor not belt to hensin but no hensin pose is not kamen rider lol T_T
    looking forward for your kamen rider
    ps is that your PO !! S.H figurearts ixa lol ??

    • i only seen 2 episode of Agito ^^; so im not to familiar with G3, it was in Decade also. haha its a slow henshin to wear the armor too XD

      haha i didnt PO IXA but im thinking about it, i already have a fun story in mind if i do get him ^^

  7. these guys definitely beat the crap out of GSC’s figures. I am envious!

  8. let me ques the end of the story autovajin come and help faiz ^^;;

  9. That is one helluva an introduction haha!! That is why you will make a good nenditor 😀 Mind i take a few pictures to edit hehe….AES is working up ^^

    I started out Kamen actually with Kamen Rider blade ^^ To me the card system was something quite cool haha….and blade’s king form rocks 😀 But my favorite will still be mask rider Den O!

    Ore Sanjou!!!

    • thx! your stories have been top notch, wondering if any nenditing will even be required ^^ sure, fell free to feed your AES with some of these shots LOL

      Blade and Den-o are two that i havent seen, i did see Blade king form in Decade and he was powerful! watched some den-o moves too. it was a little too silly for my taste lol but do like the Ore Sanjou! XD

  10. Damnit, your Kamen Rider posts only make me want that Medicom Kiva more and more lolol. I really love the first image of Faiz just standing there; he looks pretty cool.

  11. cool your site

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