Intorducing Kamen Rider Faiz – S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii Ver. -Part 01-

Kamen Rider Faiz arrives. *warning image heavy!*


Voice: hey you!

Punch Hopper: You must be new here.

PH: But this is our territory.

Faiz: Sorry, i was just looking for…

PH: Your mommy? hahaha beat it small fry.

Faiz: Cut that out!

PH: Looks like you need to be taught a lesson in respecting your elders!

PH: Huh?!

PH: Uugghh!

PH: Shit…

Kick Hopper: Partner.

PH: Aniki!

KH: Help him find true darkness.

PH: Aniki, leave it to me.


PH: Tch! He is strong…

PH: Take this!







Faiz: Hey, i dont want to fight, im just…

Faiz: look..aah!



KH: Sorry, but i cant just stand around while my partner is like this.

PH: …Aniki.

Faiz: How did i end up it this kind of situation?

-to be continued

Loving the details on this Faiz figure ^^


~ by rockleelotus on December 18, 2009.

34 Responses to “Intorducing Kamen Rider Faiz – S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii Ver. -Part 01-”

  1. Looks like Faiz just made some new “friends”… In the wrong way. >_>

  2. mate you remins me when I still like kamen rider @_@ should start from the beginning
    I will try with SIC I never have one before

    • i always liked SIC figures but the big ones were too expensive with bad joints. this version i can afford! has some downsides but so far im okay with it ^^

      you reminded me i still need to start Black and finish up Black RX, lol im going backwards πŸ˜„

  3. Faiz sure received a warm – in the hot-blooded sense – welcome. πŸ˜„

  4. Faiz…… Don’t pick on someone NOT your own size.

  5. I do like kuuga and agito but somehow I hate ryuuki @_@ watch a few of agito,555,hibiki,blade,kabuto,den-O,last episode of kiva,somehow I think W is silly @_@
    well but honestly I like artificial(using technology) kamen rider like faiz,G3,IXA
    I did saw this at HLJ and confused @_@ (6000 yen)
    maybe next time I will buy kiwami damashi or s.h figurarts
    oh yeah I remember black rx ^_^ was my favorite before(I like the motorcycle tho can speak lol)

    • i seen a few ep of kuuga and agito, havent seen ryuuki but i already dont like him lol. 555, kabuto, decade, and kiva are my favs. im not liking W at all and stopped watching it.

      yea those created rider belts are pretty cool, IXA is my fav!! i want the s.h figuarts IXA πŸ˜„ i like black rx so far, and yup acrobatter is awesome ^^

      • how about blade have you saw it ?? (I don’t like kamen rider with card tho)

        • only seen clips of Blade on youtube, i thought cards were weird for kamen rider. actually the first card rider i saw was Decade, and i like him. not sure if i will like Blade.

          also havent seen hibiki, looks crappy! only seen two den-o moves and not the series, it was okay. maybe i need to give it a try… seems he is so popular o.O

  6. @rocklee wow you like IXA too
    but somehow I like G3 because he is more realistic using armor not belt to hensin but no hensin pose is not kamen rider lol T_T
    looking forward for your kamen rider
    ps is that your PO !! S.H figurearts ixa lol ??

    • i only seen 2 episode of Agito ^^; so im not to familiar with G3, it was in Decade also. haha its a slow henshin to wear the armor too πŸ˜„

      haha i didnt PO IXA but im thinking about it, i already have a fun story in mind if i do get him ^^

  7. these guys definitely beat the crap out of GSC’s figures. I am envious!

  8. let me ques the end of the story autovajin come and help faiz ^^;;

  9. That is one helluva an introduction haha!! That is why you will make a good nenditor πŸ˜€ Mind i take a few pictures to edit hehe….AES is working up ^^

    I started out Kamen actually with Kamen Rider blade ^^ To me the card system was something quite cool haha….and blade’s king form rocks πŸ˜€ But my favorite will still be mask rider Den O!

    Ore Sanjou!!!

    • thx! your stories have been top notch, wondering if any nenditing will even be required ^^ sure, fell free to feed your AES with some of these shots LOL

      Blade and Den-o are two that i havent seen, i did see Blade king form in Decade and he was powerful! watched some den-o moves too. it was a little too silly for my taste lol but do like the Ore Sanjou! πŸ˜„

  10. Damnit, your Kamen Rider posts only make me want that Medicom Kiva more and more lolol. I really love the first image of Faiz just standing there; he looks pretty cool.

  11. cool your site

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