Wing Keyblade WIP 01 -Already Near Complete!-

I have joined in the custom keyblade group build! All started because of this post Marzz made ^^ and in the comments Syful suggested we all build our own versions. Can you say, chain reaction? My progress went much faster than expected, although result are very amateurish. Got an idea late last night and started sketching, and after some sleep i got to work! Progress after the jump!

Keyblade for Wing Zero!

The late night sketches, progress from right to left.

Dont mind the weird robot, its a random giant mobile armor design for moemoekyun XD

Adding detail to design, top are went nuts. Counldnt find a nice way to do the feathers, also cut the runner.

sketch blade portions on pla plate.

Cut it out.. horrible job, edges are all fuzzy.

Sketch handle portion on pla plate as well as the key ring.

Cut out two sets and sandwich glued to runner base.

Used hobby knife to flatten where the blade will go for better hold. *sorry camera focused on background instead XD*

Right now its glued and drying.

The pieces are off in shape and my gluing skills are not too good, had a few sloppy errors. Some putty would be nice to fill in the gaps or something ^^; So that my keyblade, cant wait to see what you guys come up with ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on December 19, 2009.

24 Responses to “Wing Keyblade WIP 01 -Already Near Complete!-”

  1. Wow! Not bad! And… Your progress is very fast! I haven’t even got started on a new one yet……..

    • thx man, i wasnt expecting things to develop this fast either! but an idea came and things just flowed ^^ might have to re make it though, a cleaner version lol

      have you gotten the pla plates? theres no rush, but once you get an idea it should move quickly too ^^

  2. UWAH~!? You have pla plates! T____T

    • ya i bought some when i got wing zero.. even used some for bad mods with him ^^;;;

      there can be alternatives, like thin cardboard or plastic from containers/merchandise? ^^

  3. Fwah…man….I got to rework my blades after seeing your version!!!!

    Chubbs : Jegan time to gather more plates!!! I want version 2.0 up by the morrow

    Jegan : Aiyah chubbs!!!

    Chubbs : Nendos go steal ideas from the web pronto!!

    Nendos : Yes Sirrr!!

    Chubbs : Ugly dolls…erh….what can you do…

    Ugly dolls : Blank stares…

  4. lol@chubbs.. nice scratch build!! you guys are making me envious.. XD but i’ve nv watch keyblade before.. an anime rite? so it wasn’t too poisoning.. its jus my fingers itching for some build.. i like the theme for your keyblade… feathers!! cool design for WZC.. =)

    • thx ren. actually the keyblade is a weapon in the game Kingdom Hearts! you dont need to know back story, just join in and make a blade that looks like a key for your gundams haha! google keyblade and you can get an idea, the game has many versions thats why its fun to make your own ^_^

  5. LOL you guys are really getting into this group build! XDD I like the design! Maybe it’s because of the wing shapes and it has a fantasy-ish appearance, and I’ve always liked wings and fantasy, so I was really happy to see this LOL.

    It’s going to look great with Wing Zero wielding it. XD Also, gah cutting pla plates…I’ve never worked with pla plates, but I had to make a prop for a friend out of a similar material so I can really relate to how hard it is to cut fancy shapes out of it. x____x

    • its a fun idea! and im glad you like the design ^^ the wings on side of the handle is suppose to resemble the back wings on zero 😛 ya, cutting curve designs on plastic is a pain, still not sure how to do it effectively. what kind of prop did you have to make?

  6. that’s a very nice keyblade design for WZC.
    You just need to sand the edges and it’ll look great!

    • thanks! since im making one for WZC, i had to go with a feather/wing theme ^^ haha will have to do quite a bit of sanding to even out the shapes since they dont match up ^^;;

  7. […] by bd77 After seeing Chubbybots’s, Rocklee’s and Marzz’s respective keyblades, here’s mine so far: TK402 and Setsuna looks at their […]

  8. win XD

  9. phwaaa…. pla plates!! Why can’t Brunei local gundam provider sell those here… >.<' keh, I'm uploading mine, oh btw, I linked your web ^^

    • your only option is order online then? hope you can get some soon or find nice alternatives! going to check yours out now, thanks for the linkage, going to add you too ^_^

  10. Order online… one of the things I’m not good at, with no pay pal and credit cards either =.=’ Never mind, I got some plastic from my kitchen to be the sacrificial item mwahahahaha!!!

  11. oww, this post makes me wanna play Kingdom Hearts again..
    Very nice SB keyblade! And using runner as the main structure is a smart move 😀 Are you gonna add feather details on the sword tip?

    • yep, i wanted to add details to the feather blades and the handle! as my first real SB project im seeing lots of errors, might have to redo it if im not able to fix/clean this one up nicely.

      it was very fun to make! you should join in the keyblade group build! i know you have the skill for it ^^

  12. Oh, this is very interesting! I’d like to try this out–though I’ll most likely make a huge mess instead lol… ^^;;;

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