Little Update for Little Zaku and GP03

Not having much energy lately, these little guys were a perfect project to satisfy my itchy gunpla hands ^^ btw RX78 group build postponed till next year? More time for you guys to pick up a kit and join in 😀

Gao… *This is a female Zaku…*

Gaoo… *There is a hole down there* XD

To my surprise, these guys were made to be glued to the stands they came with in order to be complete XD At least the Zaku can be fitted together, with the Gp03 only the arms will connect, the rest of the pieces need to be glued to the stand. Ill try to make the parts to connect them or cut apart the stand itself so i can play with them ^^

Didnt have blue so tried gold and i dont like it ^^;; He will stay scattered for now.

These pieces are rubber not plastic. I noticed that they had bad mold lines too and decided to clean them up. Used hobby knife to cut/scrape and had a piece of sandpaper but forgot to use it before repainting ^^;;

The surface isnt as smooth because of it. Also while the paint was still wet i dabbed it with a cotton swab to try and get a matte look lol You can still see some lines close up, but it looks a lot better cleaned up.

Master Chief Zaku?

Making the Zaku skirt armor *should* be easy, but the Gp03 will be harder. For him i need a piece to connect his upper and lower body, then a back part for the hip thruster things. His back pack is also very loose XD


~ by rockleelotus on December 28, 2009.

22 Responses to “Little Update for Little Zaku and GP03”

  1. LoL, a blingified GP03, Kou should be proud of it. XD

    Never thought those figures would THAT tiny… >_<

    • hahaha if he took this into battle Gato would go “WTF?!”
      i just measured it and its 1 1/4 inch, very tiny! it might be a MG to my figmas or PG to my nendos lol

  2. Lol, even saber is into gunpla now 😀 And those mini gunpla’s make excellent props for nendos!

    Actually I kinda like the bling bling GP03 ^^ and what is this with itchy fingers lol (Ren!!!)

    • Saber is curious why there is an empty slot down there on the robot lol to me the clean gold and dirty panel lines dont match on the GP03 right now. yea ren started with the poisoning and now spreading itchy hands Lol!

  3. wow sugoi even mini gunpla turn into battle damaged @_@

  4. that is very small. looks delicate and hard to assemble =\

    • the Zaku is pretty study for its size and easy to assemble with only 4 pieces. the GP03 gundam on the other hand is a pain in the ass XD hes a bit more fragile too, but the overall quality on these guys are great.

  5. wow.. nice job! GP03 looks metaliic! haha.. cool.. now your EX model will look like a real diorama.. as always.. saber is too cutee…. XD

  6. That’s some delicate gunpla you’re working on 😀
    What did you use to paint? Man they look very nicely weathered.
    But why gold? XD
    Maybe violet blue will look nicer…

    • i used the normal gundam markers for painting. Lol i agree with your color choice, i used gold on GP03 because the only colors i have is gold, silver, metallic green, and grey ^^;; maybe should have tried grey, will get more markers the next time i buy more kits.

  7. Ahhhh Whats with the Zaku craze?? such a coincidence that i made KagaZaku at this time too!

  8. It’s really tiny compared to a nendo 🙂

  9. @rocklee at least a nendo can’t be your dutchwife LOL ^0^ 😛

  10. nicely weathered!
    So it is rubber huh? make sure you don’t accidentally stretch it (I dunno if there is any reason for you to stretch it tough :D)

  11. Haha! There is a hole? Female zaku….

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