Added more “Pages” -Post Organization +1-

Small update, spent some time the past few days organizing most of my post. If you look at the “Pages” section you will see some new additions:

About Me


Figure Stories: Nendo/Figma/Gundam/Kamen Rider

Figure Stories: Short Series + 4komas


Now it should be easier for my regular readers and new visitors to look over my past and current work/posts 😀 Hope you all find it useful!

I think i might do a snap fit of the RX78 this weekend

Wanna get an idea of what i will have to work with in terms of modding this sucker into a Kamen Rider Gundam Lol


~ by rockleelotus on January 8, 2010.

25 Responses to “Added more “Pages” -Post Organization +1-”

  1. wow you improved your blog @_@
    ok can’t wait for your RX-78 => henshin => ?????

    • please fix the link above it’s said page not found XDD

      • need to make navigation easier since so many post now. i want to make RX78>Faiz but now considering into Kiva since i already have Faiz figure… he is nice match for Gatack too but i have him also lol

        fixeddd, no worries tho the real links on the side is important 😀

        • yeah let’s just see your wip down the road 😀
          as long bandai won’t make kamen rider gundam too you save 😀

  2. lol kamen rider gundam 😀

    Now my daily nendo poisoning has just gotten easier ^^. I think its time I update my about page lol…

  3. Reminds me of a short SRW doujin titled: “Call Gespenst~!” where Gilliam henshins himself into his custom Gespenst unit. XD

  4. Hey, I’m doing an RX-78 as well 😀
    Gonna do it in an OOB style to test a new primer paint (I bought a kit just to test a new paint…now that’s a wrong move LOL)

  5. I think you should draw all your figures stories instead of taking picture of them because I really like your drawings! ^_^

  6. Thx rocklee! You inspired me to organize my posts too.
    You turning 78 into a rider? That’s very interesting 😀
    Ever saw a decade unicorn?

    • cool, and nice work! now its much easier to navigate through your works ^^

      yup, im gonna attempt to mod this sucker. if it turns out okay i might do a few more lol …i havent seen the decade unicorn o.O do you still have a link to it? would like to check that out!

  7. Yeah, I definitely hear you in the navigation department. I’m actually designing my own blog. I only want 5 tabs to contain EVERYTHING lol. But anyways, good luck!

    • having everything organized makes things easier for the the reader and writer. thanks and good luck to you with the designs, everything in 5 tabs sounds like a challenge lol but i checked out your site and its very cool, keep it up! :3

  8. Excellent idea this blog reorganization. Navigation is clearer and we enjoy your work easily.
    So the next stories will be drawings…. can’t wait.:)

    • thanks, the reorganization was long overdue task, but im glad i have everything all sorted out now!

      yep i have an idea for the next story already, hope you all will like it lol

  9. oh yeah rocklee are you draw yourself in that picture that guy with nendo shirts 😀 and glasses 😀

  10. someone make it first kamen rider gundam
    ps wanna join us if have time nendo dark side ^^

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