Extreme Nendo Stacking Revisited! -ver. 2.0hhh my gawd-

If you thought stacking four nendos was crazy, then your prolly right! but that didnt stop the girls from going to new lengths to entertain you!

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5! new record!

They seem confident especially after I laid out some bubble wrap this time lol and im glad i did…

Not bad, nice form girls…

A few seconds later after only snapping these two shots, they came crashing down XD was too busy freaking out to take pics of the fall *there were multiple freak outs during this shoot* Lol

and all this risk does not come without injury, as Yoko now knows first hand…

“I fell hard and slammed my head against this plastic wall! …and no, I dont dye my hair. my natural color is just very potent!”

Yep, Yoko now has a scar on her front hair piece, you can kinda see it if you click on that pic T_T but she is a trooper and was still willing to press on. After a huddle on new formations, the girls made attempt after attempt only to stumble and fall repeatedly… *might have been at least ten times* XD but did they succeed with all their efforts alone?








Yes they did!! …I wanted to get Saber Lion up there too but she wasnt having it.

Instead she opted for the unlimited pantsu view special, wise choice no?

With a fortified Robo base the girls took things to new heights!

Quickly snapped a few shots and helped them dismount without injury lol

A round of applause to their bravery and efforts please ^_^

All done with their natural talent, no strings or props used. Super risky and im glad there were no major injuries. Their best totem is now 6 nendos high, will they be willing to take things higher if new sisters arrive? who knows!


~ by rockleelotus on February 2, 2010.

45 Responses to “Extreme Nendo Stacking Revisited! -ver. 2.0hhh my gawd-”

  1. NANI~! Six nendos?! Ho… how.. how the heck you managed that? O_O;
    That should be around … 2-ish feet in height. Not even my mechas can do that…

    Yep, Yoko is a battle-harden girl โค
    Not even a slight scratch would damper her spirit.

    The Rest: *whistles and looks away*
    Me: Guys, applause or Yoko will have a wor…
    The Rest: *applauses & cheers* Encore! Encore! Way to go!

    p.s. Saber Lion is sooooo lucky… XD

    • somehow they managed to hold steady long enough one after the other! phew lol not sure about the height, could have been 1.5-2ft ^o^

      Yoko is tough! she took the hardest falls being up top and only ended up with a little scratch ๐Ÿ˜€ lol Saber Lion is lucky for many reasons there ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. That is…EXTREME!!! @_@

    Sad to hear about Yoko’s mishap, but I’m glad everything went smoothly as a whole. XD *applause for the girls*

  3. Six nendos stack together… that’s extreme.
    Even I need to gap my pace for a while. It’s so… frightening ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lol one after another the fright meter grew. the balancing order was crucial, Yoko and Saber Lily are hard to balance… and Saber Lion XD she was suppose to go upside down on Yoko like before but it was a super frightening mission!

  4. Your nendos should join the circus :S

    How d hell did you even manage that feat???
    One sneeze and they’ll fall *ahh ahhh ahhhh choo!!!* xD

    • the towering nendo totem circus act XD lol i practice seeing who could balance on who, and see their level of stability, then set priority according so ^^; and with a little luck and patience, hope it all works out.

      not even a sneeze, as i was shifting around to snap pics of the 5 they fell! had to move slow motion style on the 6 Lol

  5. ZOMG that’s unbeatable now and when lion stack there it will be awesome
    are you serious not using blue tac ???
    make notes
    defeat totem challenge canceled

  6. post a video on the stacking process!!!

    OMG, six nendos in a stack….cannot imagine how great the fall will be ^^

    • that might be doable. it took me about an hour of playing around to get it right, i should be able to do it faster now but still need lotta luck with this many ^^;;

      haha a fall at that height would be… extreme!

  7. Onoree rockleelotus!!!

    Nendotachi!! All assmemble!!! Gonna do some serious stacking tonight!!!

    Haha man sweet!! Never saw this version coming!! Ouch thats quite a big injury for Yoko…heres a little plaster for the wound from Riannon ๐Ÿ˜€

    • oh hoho evil laugh!

      dont forget to set out some bubble wrap, memory foam, or fuzzy carpet lol i wasnt really sure it was possible when i started, i took a break half way through because it was frustrating ^^;;

      nah that little scratch is nothing to Yoko! aww but she thanks Riannon for the plaster, tomodachi ^o^/

  8. Wow! How did you stack so many? Did you use any tape? If you didn’t, I bet that needs lotsa patience man. If all the bottom nendos have face like nagi, that would be funny. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • nope didnt use any sticky tape ^^ haha your right it did take lots of patience, as i said to chubbs i had to take a break in between because stacking 5 was very troublesome lol

      LOL i wish i had extra expression like that, but it would prolly make me laugh so much that i wouldnt stack them XD

  9. wow. I cringed. even with the bubble wrap.

    Fuck I want my camera NIAO >_<

    • haha that single layer of bubble wrap wasnt enough, it only reduced the impact by maybe 20% i gotta make you stop cringing ^^;

      errmm its time to kick some @$$ and get back your camera! seriously klux, whats the deal.

  10. O my God, you stack them again?
    now that’s a world record out there ๐Ÿ˜€
    When the first stacking trend appears, I try to make one, everyone crash landed before there was a single shot taken T.T

    • i did say i would attempt this again before lol

      ahh that sucks, i know that feeling of anticipation as you finish stacking and reach for the camera hoping they stay put ^^; how much were you able to stack before the crash.

  11. This is awesome man! You like to play risky, hahaha!
    Looks fun to stack nendos, me dun have nendos to stack haha.
    Next time saber lion will surely join the totem.

    oh, Zange and Nagi switched position ^^

    • i trusted them to get the job done ๐Ÿ˜› you could improvise and stack a mix of characters like chubbs did lol

      ill have to get Saber Lily to convince Lion into it next time. yeah you noticed the switch! its much easier to balance Lily on Nagi then Zange-chan ^^

  12. Woooow!! 6 nendos! What a major achievement! Congrats ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yoko risked big time all up there…. Fortunately her head his tough ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I challenge you rocklee.. this time.. SEVEN!! (7) NENDO STACK!!
    How about that? hahaha..

    But don’t forget to prepare the ambulance (a soft fabric maybe?) down there.. it will hurt if they fell off from that height..

    • hahaha challenge accepted, and yea ill have to have the ambulance on stand by and make a very efficient landing pad in case the girls need to bail… and im sure they will need to many times in attempting such a feat XD

  14. Goddamn man.. You’re like an advertisement from GSC xD

    Am now wanting a nendo Yoko alongside with Nagi, Zange, Chiaki, Light, L..

    • LOL now wheres my pay?! the nendos seem to advertise themselves with their cuteness ๐Ÿ˜›

      thats quite a few nendos on the list, cant go wrong with Yoko or Nagi.

      • Yeah.. What’s worse is their a bit expensive for the size xD

        Wish I could still find the Death Note guys..

        • true true but to me they are worth every penny since i play with them a lot lol

          yea i know what you mean, once they get discontinued they are harder to find or the price jumps up XD i still really want Zetsubo sensei nendo T_T

  15. Nicely done. You must have nerves of steel watching all those lovely nendos ascending to the sky, hoping they don’t all come crashing down :lol:.

  16. That is really really impressive. Up to 6 nendos!!!
    So cute and so awesome.
    It’d be hard to break that record.

    • the girls thank you, so close to lucky 7! ^^
      i wonder if anyone is will to take the risk for the challenge lol its definitely doable and would be easier with the right nendos!

  17. Woah, that’s some dangerous yet exciting attempt! Too bad for Yoko but at least the damage doesn’t seem all that bad…

    Now 6… will you make an attempt for 7 soon? XD

    • its the thrill of danger! lol yep considering this feat, the damage Yoko received was very minor. i think i might try 7 but not anytime soon, the girls need their rest from this attempt Lol

  18. You never use any blue tag or glue thingy for this stack right? Amazing and a little bit out of your mind. LOL

  19. orz orz orz I’m not worthy! This is amazing! This reminds me of Disgaea’s stacking. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously, that is amazing. I’m totally floored!

  20. Sorry for Yoko T.T

    LOL at this stacked up nendos, you really made my day XD

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