HGUC RX78 Kiva WIP05 -Upper Armor Detail-

Another progress update! This time i worked on the overall colors and attempted to go into detail on the new armor pieces.

Basic overall color scheme

Right now the color is all faded, which i dont really mind the look except for the corners lol but when i get my new markers(notably red and black) and put together more armor pieces, ill give this guy a fresh coat.

There were a lot of pics so i mashed them all up ^^ Didnt really have a process laid out, just kinda winged it! and for you to compare, a few reference images can be found here and here.

Side neck armor steps:

1. armor piece upgraded with a strip on top.

2. draw design and cut away.

3. finished cutting and partially sanded only with P320 ^^;

4-5. glued on another piece of pla plate to the back and scribbled sloppy panel line design.

Colored with gold and used fountain pen for the red.

I want most of the armor pieces to have curves, i ran into tons of problems here. During the gluing process i bent the pieces so they would stay curved, but parts of the plaplate kept cracking XD

Sample fitting. I made a little notch thing for the piece to fit into. On the chest is sampling of more pla plate action but that will be for later ^^

Now onto the armor for the back of the neck:

I definitely rushed this piece, the design isnt very true to the original.

1. those two pieces are the front and back and will sandwich that single piece that has already been cut.

2. cutting the details.

3-4. glued together and held in a round position to it keeps that shape.

5-6. colored version.

Sample fitting of new armor pieces! the grey blob thing you see under the back neck armor is a piece of rubber eraser i had for my art classes ^^;; it doesnt work very well to hold things in place and it leave a horrible residue XD poor mans blue tack attempt failed! lol

Slowly coming along. I have to say that my current skill level and patience is holding me back in creating solid pieces of armor. Many of the pieces are badly glued(has open edges or gaps) and working to make bent pieces have left me with unsightly cracked plaplates. I recently tried gluing, then bending and the results were bad!

If you guys are familiar with any tips on proper gluing do share, what do you use to clamp your plates/parts together for a nice even seal? and creating parts with a solid bend, is there another trick to achieve this? Still much too learn and practice!


~ by rockleelotus on February 23, 2010.

21 Responses to “HGUC RX78 Kiva WIP05 -Upper Armor Detail-”

  1. shinny shinny *_*

  2. woaa that’s good. the last one need the torso repainted, or will you lost the blue color?
    i haven’t touched any pla plates, so I don’t really know ’bout that.

    • thanks dude ^^ yeah ill repaint it after i finish doing the mods in that area, already added some plaplates to the chest.
      the first coat was to test and see how it looks(im impatient) lol and no problem, will experiment as usual if i cant find any tutorials or tips!

  3. me too…never got pla plate yet


    *bling bling*

    ahh, my eyes!!

  4. Ah sweet building coming along ^^ Glad you are making good progress my friend.

    As for the bending I don’t have the experience to help you on that but hehe there is this thread that you can check out. This guy uses a lot of pla plate for his build and some of them involves bending.


    For the armor he uses ridges to hold them into shape. You might want to give that a shot for your curve armors. Hope this helps man ^^ All the best!!

    • thanks chubbs! very awesome link, can always count on you for finding great references ^^ and that scratch built hand in the thread is something i might want to attempt also lol

      using ridged is a great idea, will try to incorporate it in my build if possible. very helpful suggestion!

  5. Bling bling is nice!

  6. wow o.O, the armor making is awesome!
    Should learn from you to bend plaplates ^^

    Ever tried once for exia and it was frustrating >.<

    • thanks 😀 lol the best way i found to bend plaplates is during the gluing process. i think since my armor pieces had many holes from the design, it was more prone to cracking during the bend ^^;

      it is super frustrating to get perfect, especially after spending a lot of time to cut out all the pieces and having it crack during the gluing XD but i think if i had some putty, it would make things much much easier to fix up ^^

  7. omg.. when i was thinking of my RX-78-2 Ver. EVA, i din think its gonna be tt detailed!! im so ashamed of myself!! haha.. ROCKLEE, you really rock dude. you set a super high standard of our grpbuild.. haha. i dun think i can ever match up man. anyway, enuff of that. your armor really impresses me alot. such fine details! even the belt! i hope it will turn out well for you.. good luck and skills! =)


    • Lol ren-san dont be ashamed, i know you will do your best with your Eva ver.! i actually decided to push myself with this build thats why im trying to kick things up a notch lol ^^ completely painting over a kit and using plaplates for a small 1/144 model is all new to me.

      im glad you like the details on the armor as its very difficult to cut the small designs! i hope it turns out good when all is complete, you encouraged me to work harder 😀

  8. […] = “Gundam Rider Kiva RX -Emperor Form-” WIP:  01 – 02 -03 – 04 – 05 […]

  9. I didn’t even knew that a plaplate could be bent..thank to you now I now that glue is the key to it 😀

    • cool! glad you learned something new lol i found that it takes at least 2 different pieces to make a bend or as chubbs brought to my attention, you can make ridges to help hold the shape ^^

  10. woot.. awesome rocklee..
    gonna wait for the finished product >.<

  11. The chest parts looks good for a weathering category, overall I don’t know much about Kamen Riders to comment on the whole look.

    But I’m spy a lot of decently scratchbuilt pieces, I know it’s your first time doing this but I think the seamlines should be covered at least xD

    • thanks, ive added some pla plates to the chest since then. ahh yea i think most readers wont be familiar with kamen riders so i try to add some reference pics or suck with each WIP.

      i let a lot slide with my SB pieces ^^; after i finish a piece i see how i can improve on it, but too lazy to redo the whole thing Lol seam lines are a big no-no-no but they dont bug me that much. maybe ill make this my first kit in removing seam lines but as for now i still need to take apart the pieces so that will be for later if i decide to tackle it ^^

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