“Staple Stable” Bass Cover -Short Ver-

Switching things up a bit ^^

There were a few mistakes and on the last note the sound went in and out *my bass is old and dying? T_T* Should have tried for a wider shot so you can see my fingering action… wait, did that sound wrong? ๐Ÿ˜› but that wouldnt be very ninja like now would it!

Little background info; I started playing bass in high school when my friends and i decided to start a band. Picked up my Yamaha RBX 200 from a pawn shop over 10 years ago, its my first and only bass all these years. Self taught, cant point out notes or scales and cant read sheet music. I play by ear and reading tabs, my style is sloppy so im not very good ^^;;

Been playing on and off every few years, a little while ago i found a new set of strings hidden in my old gig bag lol Decided to restring the bass and learn how to play some of those awesome opening/ending songs i hear in animes ๐Ÿ˜›

I also made a video for “Sorairo Days” but it turned out really bad so i trashed it, will try it again later. If you guys find this entertaining i might make a few more. Maybe do something like take request for covers when i cant think of story ideas lol XD


~ by rockleelotus on February 27, 2010.

34 Responses to ““Staple Stable” Bass Cover -Short Ver-”

  1. You play bass!? O_O That is so awesome!!

    The bass sounds a little soft at parts, but I really liked what I heard. =D 1:10~end is my favourite part. Really liked 0:50~0:53 too.

    • yup ๐Ÿ˜€ ill crank up the gain next time! the hardware im using to record wasnt meant for bass, i think thats why its soft on parts.

      that ending part is my fav too ^^ its a really cool fill-in!

  2. STAPLE STABLE!! >.> I wish I could play an instrument man xD I always wanted to try out drums but my parents didn’t like the idea of constant..unpleasant “noise” LOL

    • drums are super loud! LOL yea most parents will just hear it as “noise” and not music XD i think drums are hard, you have to keep one beat with the bass pedal and another with the sticks… i cant multitask well, like playing and singing at the same time ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I really like the melody of this song. Wow, you’re self-taught? I tried playing the piano, some guitar and a bit of drums but I guess I’ll never have the discipline of being a good musician, I’m too lazy to practice. Lol. Playing anisongs is a cool idea, I’d like to hear more. ^^

    • i tried to teach myself piano but it was way too difficult. i dont have the discipline to be a good musician also, lately if i stop playing a song for short period i complete forget it ^^;;

      anisongs are really fun to play, i will make a few more when i get some spare time ^^

  4. Pretty cool! wanna try bass some day!^^,

  5. Cool! I love bass sound, I have yet to learn it. Bass guitar are pretty pricey here ^^;;

  6. Woahh!! Thats Great Man!!!!!
    when i was in my school wind ensemble ,i got rejected from trumpet section and gone to the percussions and i can play drums but my major instrument is cymbal (my drumset skill is crappy too) since we got guitars and drumsets,some of my friend make a band and i learn a bit on bass but didnt eager to go on…
    but then, you’re playing GOOD!!! lol

    • thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
      i got into music pretty late but would have been cool to try and join a school band. sucks you got rejected for trumpet, but wow you learned to play a few instruments! are you still playing anything today?

      • well im currently finished my secondary schooling so when i got into university, if they got orchestra them by chance i might join them ^^

  7. Haha wish I can play instruments like that ^^ Sadly the only thing that I played that is barely passable is the flute…..so much for a music career lol!!!

    Hmm this reminds me of a certain K on nendo that I saw today….hehe…

    • this one time in band camp… lol what got you to start playing the flute? i cant play it but i use to play the recorder in elementary XD ahh a career in music, not obtainable in my case too ^^;

      buy buy buy! ๐Ÿ˜› im a bit rusty but i can play that certain k-on intro also lol

      • Ok bass cover round 2!! ‘Don’t be lazy’ Rocklee version ๐Ÿ˜€ I went there…ritsu was sold out ……sobz!!!

        • noooo sold out… let that be a lesson, next time grab and buy as soon as you see nendo ๐Ÿ˜›

          yosh! “Dont Say Lazy” seems easy enough to learn ^^

  8. ORZ I dun have music instrument skill TT_TT
    anyway why put olfa cutter there ??

    • so long as you put the time and effort in, you can obtain the skill!! ๐Ÿ˜›

      glad you noticed that. i couldnt fine my stapler so i put that there in honor of senjougahara ^_^

  9. Hey, that’s cool stuff! So, you are a bassist yeah? Any other instruments that you play.

    Seriously, you play very well. It’s great. Play more and post them man. OKAY? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • i also have a guitar but i cannot play it well at all… when playing single note i cant hit the right string with my pick Lol

      thanks dude ^^ when i learn new songs ill make more of these.

      • Yeah, I know how’s it like. picking several strings at a time. That’s not easy. Probably, I should try polishing my piano skills too. Just hard to find time at times. Wish I was younger. ;p

  10. I like the video, you made it yourself?
    what program do you use?

  11. you play a base? cool!
    I’m only a good listener when it comes to music LoL

  12. Wow, so rocklee is a bassist! Cool ๐Ÿ˜€
    can’t see your face rocklee >.<

  13. Nice, did you identify all those chords yourself by ear? There’s a lot of quick chord changes in there too :D.

    I’ve played the keyboard since high school, but I don’t get lessons anymore. Only recently have I started to try to “play by ear”. The hardest part is picking out the chords, but once you’ve got them the rest is easy enough to guess. Especially since most “mainstream” songs just wrap round the same chord pattern over and over. I’ve never tried anime songs though.

    • thanks! for most songs including this one i used a tab, but one part on the tab i was using didnt sound right so i figured out a different beat for it ^^

      very cool, i think the keyboard is quite hard to play. can you read sheet music? yup the base notes are the hardest, must be easier for those who can do stuff like tune their instruments by ear… that something i cant do at all lol. some anisongs can be very very complicated, im trying to learn a few more and they make me jump all over the fretboard! you should try to learn a few ^^

      • I can read sheet music, but not very fast. ie I can’t pick up a sheet and play instantly.

        Keyboard is like a lazy persons piano :lol:. You can set up all the beats, styles and voices; but it lacks the coordination and finesse of the piano – at least the way I play it :lol:. I just clunk down chords on my left hand and it will adjust the backing style accordingly.

        • lol lazy mans piano, so you can pretty much make a whole arrangement with just your keyboard! ^^ i imagine it would take a ton of concentration and coordination to instantly pick up and play sheet music, i get confused just looking at them ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. Sounds good to me, but a bit soft, at some parts you cant really hear, but ye looking at the ratings on youtube, youll put another 5/5, ^^

    but nothings beats Renai circulations thougth <.<

    • thanks fabrice! ^^ need to test out more settings on my recording hardware to see if i can boost up the sound next time. and i agree, Renai circulation is one of my favs! although i think playing the bass part for Staple Stable is more fun XP

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