Keroro Adventures! -Episode 04-

Back from its long hiatus! We continue where we left off, with Keroro being held captive by Yuki.

Welcome to Keroro Adventures! Episode 04ย  -de arimasu!

Yuki: You are a delicacy.

Yuki: Time for class… I will be back later.

*Sigh* Will anybody come to save us?…

-Kero’s feelings mixed with Boota’s hidden spiral power and his plea echoed to far distances…- <<<wtf?!


-Someone seemed to notice it!-

-Moments later there is a huge crash of noise near Kero!-



-Descending from the sky like an angel-

Kero: Drois-dono!

Drois: Oji-sama!

Kero: Thank goodness we are saved! Hurry and get this thing off my head.

mumble mumble… *my face!*

Drois: Its not coming off.

Leave it to me oji-sama.

Lucifer Hammer!!

Ummm wait…

*Boota flees the scene*

Hellmageddon! (1:1,000,000,000,000)!!!



*pop* restraints removed.

You could say, a little too much effort?

And so, Angol Drois saves Keroro and makes a new critter friend in the process!

-to be continued



~ by rockleelotus on March 1, 2010.

28 Responses to “Keroro Adventures! -Episode 04-”

  1. Angol Drois is kinda scary >_<

  2. lol Lucifer Spear!!

    manage to calculate how much Hit Keroro got?

    • lol yea, this is the lucifer hammer ver. since ts made from rx78’s gundam hammer ^^
      he got the full impact of the (1:1 trillion) hellmageddon, i think the hit amount is off the charts XD

  3. That, is not as planned…

    Keroro is lucky that he got hit with a Lucifer Spear and not a Shin Getter 1 tomahawk… *glares at Yoko*

    Yoko: What?!

    • she nearly killed him, he is in pain but free ^^;;

      being on the receiving end of a blunt pointy weap is better than a sharp one… careful there bd, your asking for trouble! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Poor keroro get the beating.

  5. hahaha, it’s really like mois.
    teiuka, a doppelganger? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • “you could say, a different version of mois?”

      doppelganger sounds cool but she is more like a distant relative. i think that would make some sense lol

  6. what the.. something isn’t right with the head..

    • can you tell she isnt from this world? ๐Ÿ˜›
      lol i think she looks funny like that, it kinda reminds me of how kero looks when wearing a pekopon suit!

  7. hahahhahahaha
    I thought you stop the story man like chubby >_<

    • lol nah, i lost track after receiving loots and starting other projects ^^;
      stories take a lot of effort to shoot and to work out ideas, not so easy to constantly produce when you have other things to do as well lol

  8. Lol, See Drossel skirted… OMG! What a strange mount. ๐Ÿ˜€
    It must perturb her since she can’t even aim anymore. Poor keroro, free but completely stunned!

    • thats not something you see everyday huh? even drossel likes to dress comfortably and casual sometimes Lol

      oh perturb, i learned a new word ^^ well Drois is actually an alien, and not a very bright one to execute an attack like that ^^;

  9. Drossel von Moa dono!! Haha ouch thats a huge hit to the head man!!! Love the set up especially the crushed floor!! Very nice touch!!

    @ moe not easy to do stories trust me ^^ Got to draft out both story line and action sequence haha. Plus got to finish up my gundams too!!

    • lol thanks! even at 1:1 trillion, that hellmageddon s devastating! wanted to exaggerate the impact without doing much editing ^^b

      finally got around to giving this role to my new character lol i think she makes a good relative of mois with suitable name drois!

  10. Woah keroro got pwned! I mean from the amount of impact shown, I wonder how he survived >.>

    LOL nice usage of crushed floor effect, like chubby said ^^

  11. Ouch! Getting hit by that hammer….. Not good….

  12. Angel Drois kind of creeped me out a bit.
    Loll at the hammered Keroro. ^ ^

  13. Hammering a person is definitely a new method to make friends, at least for me. LOL

  14. Amazing what you can do with a sheet of paper, a Kero and a … massive hammer blow ๐Ÿ˜€
    Don’t have that much to say but : we need more ๐Ÿ˜€

    • sometimes natural effects work the best ๐Ÿ˜€
      this little episode will have more of an impacto if your familiar with the series lol i think i have a few more conjuring ^^

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