Chance to win tickets to Gundam Unicorn screening in Singapore!

Some of you may already be aware of this but for the ones who arent, I am envious of those in Singapore because they get a chance to win 3 free tickets to “The Day of  Unicorn” screening at Shaw Bugis!

The giveaway is being held by LEon, you can find out more info HERE. The deadline is March 12th and the screening will take place on the 20th. Great opportunity LEon is presenting for Gundam fans in Singapore, heres your chance to watch the first episode of Gundam UC on the BIG screen free of charge!

We want you!


~ by rockleelotus on March 4, 2010.

19 Responses to “Chance to win tickets to Gundam Unicorn screening in Singapore!”

  1. not in SG man

  2. Woah, thanks for the heads-up! I didn’t even know there was going to be a screening in Singapore. +_+; *so out of the loop*

  3. not in SG…
    wonder if Blitz Cinema gives an airing for Unicorn.

    in my country, only two big cinemas exist. The normal one is XXI (Twenty One), and the other is Blitz, this cinema seldomly airs some animated movies, like Evangelion 1st. (You are (not) Alone CMIIW)

    • if your cinema airs it that would be an awesome experience. im not aware of the chances there will be any anime screenings in my area lol well, spread the word if you can ^^

  4. will gladly join if I’m at SG..
    sadly not..

    btw I should take back my word about something about master rocklee..


    you ruined my feeling toward unicorn now!! ahahahaha…

  5. I’m in SG

    but I’ll pass, already watched it several times >.<

  6. You seem to really enjoy making these rather creepy but also really cool looking conglomerations!
    Anyways, I’m not in SG so good luck to all who are.

  7. Thanks rocklee for helping to spread the post to all gundam fans! Sorry for those who are not in SG. I guess it would be a good time to see the full Gundam fever when all the fan gather at one cinema. No doubt most would watched it many time already but I guess the atmosphere would be very different.

    • no problem LEon ^^ and i agree, definitely the difference would be the atmosphere and that will make it a great experience. who knows, you might even run into a newtype! 😀

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