News + Buried Treasure

Some news and cool stuff! Ive been quite busy with a few things lately, one of those things is that coming up in a few weeks our house will be going through heavy renovations.  I dont have all the details yet but it might begin in April and last till July XD That means lots of cleaning and packing away the TONS of junk around the house XD It might also mean being without interweb O_O Rens’ been there, Chubbs’ is in the process and now im about to join in ^^;; Expecting the worse, while hoping for the best.

As  i was cleaning and sorting stuff today, i found some treasure that someone lost…. and the person who lost it, was me XD

Group of Eva units gather around an object.

*Grrrr* They are feeding?

Disgusting! O_O

You monsters stop what your doing!


Get the *cuss* outta here!

You want a piece of these pristine nub marks?!?!


(The Eva units scramble away)


Their food…

Poor little Wing Zero.

Look at the damage they inflicted!

The horror!

HAHAHA! I found my old kits and Eva toys that i  thought got tossed away ^^ That right there is my first ever battle damaged kit done 8-10 years ago, i cant even remember. The joints on all these kits are…. bad Lol but it was a huge surprise to find them, blast from the past.


~ by rockleelotus on March 23, 2010.

30 Responses to “News + Buried Treasure”

  1. What the?… You also have the 1/144 HGEW kits?! O_O

    As for the joints… Yeah, bad. Wing Zero and Sandrock custom’s lower thigh design really limits their posability factor…

    Wait… Where’s TG3’s head crest?
    Zechs: …

    • yep! i think that was my first endless waltz kit back in the day ^^

      Zechs is not happy, i lost many parts including his crown, weaps, shield and boosters…… i still have some of the little figures that came with the kits though lol

  2. Ah another one gets the renovation bug lol!!! Man looks like I won’t be the only one taking a long break 😀

    Those are fantastic buried treasures you found there!! Haha your first weathered and battle damage kit!!

    • you should have warned me it was contagious! lol the place needs it though, its kinda falling apart XD just not looking forward to the packing and unpacking.

      i couldnt believe i found what i thought got tossed ^^ and little wing zero, the kit that took so much punishment lol

  3. 8-10 years ago? that’s old..but some of them still look in a pretty good shape 😀

  4. ah~!
    heavily assaulted wing zero~!

  5. Okay.. I’m wondering what are those EVAs? Bandai? Revoltech? And of the RX-178.. MG ver. 1?

    • they are Kaidoyo this kind. the other are normal not metallic repaint, i though i had a metallic blue unit 00 too, hope its still around somewhere.
      Lol yea you could say the gundam is ver1, its the MG RX-178 Mk-II (Titan Proto Type) XD came with vulcan pod for the head and stuff, lost all of it though T_T

  6. ah we have same old kits poor WZC ;_;

  7. welcome to the club lee! haha.. its gonna be very tiring. TAKE CARE! drink lotsa water when you’re in the dusty room. ^^ woah.. looks like you unearthed some EVAs! nice.. and the holy food. haha. so you have the tendency to make battle damaged gundam since young……. XD

    • i dont like this club!! Lol yea im already super tired, i have to wait a few more days before i get news on how all this will go down.

      the EVAs has awoken! chaos will follow. lol yup the mark of when it all started. its all thanks to Endless Waltz and the WZC scene, thats what inspired me to go for it!

  8. it’s nice to remember back the toys from the past.
    I have none because only recently collecting gunpla.

  9. Nice to unearth some toy from the past! Cool thing~

  10. EVA monsta!!!

  11. Oh….. you too you’re going to enter a house renovation phase… and well i wish you good luck. ^^
    That’s what i like when i do a major arrangement : found back things i totally forgot they existed.
    It’s like finding a treasure…. who bring back memories. 🙂

    • thanks lyli, i hope things go smoothly with the home reno.

      funny thing is i made a few attempts prior to try and find these, then i told myself i must have tossed them away XD good things come from keeping organized lol a lot of fun memories are coming back after seeing these toys again ^^

  12. Home reno!! That’s when you get to recall and re-see some of your old stuff and bring back some great memory huh 🙂

  13. Why is Wing zero always the victim in Eva attacks? First in Ren’s blog too. xD

    • Lol i didnt plan this, it just developed as i was snapping pics… i had an old wing zero that was broken into 3 parts and 3 Eva units, its fate to happen? XD

  14. Lol that’s a lucky find 🙂 Almost like you received them a second time.
    That made me wonder what i’m going to find on my attic … so much stuff in there and so many years i didn’t go.
    Anyway good luck with your renovations 🙂

    • well said, its like i got new loots all of a sudden but they arent new lol 😀

      time for spring cleaning katsura chan! explore that attic you might find some treasures too! ^^

  15. sasuga rocklee 😀
    so you had been into battle damage since 10 years ago…

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