HGM Neue Ziel WIP 05

Yesterday as i was packing away most of my Gundams, i looked at my Neue Ziel and decided to try and finish the battle damage i intended for him before putting it away. I spent about an hour quickly experimenting a new technique i thought of.

Gato vs Solar System II

Step one; Paint Effects

Wanted a damaged and burnt look, dabbed some Silver followed by Real Touch Brown. Then dabbed some Grey followed by Real Touch Black.

Not perfect but i am working fast at this point.

Covered a nice area with same effect.

Step two; Meltdown

Heres my thinking in this process, best way to get melted armor effect is to melt the armor(plastic) lol

What i did was use a lighter to heat the area a few seconds at a time, then i quickly used a small screwdriver  to tap and mold the heated plastic. It turned out pretty good!

Each other area acted differently under heat. The back melted quickly while the side and base were harder to reshape.

I think this was a successful experiment. Neue Ziel survived this attack from the Solar System II and advanced right into the gunpla box for storage ^^;

At a later date, I plan to eventually refine this technique and possible give him a bit more damage as well as a touch up in paint effects ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on March 30, 2010.

37 Responses to “HGM Neue Ziel WIP 05”

  1. Wow, nice damages! But using lighter to burn the plastic directly emits lots of toxic fumes… Not good for health^^

  2. nice effects~!

  3. Feels like the MA just popped out from the anime to your desk, with those effects. Impressive.

  4. the battle damage is good.
    maybe a need for diorama next time.

  5. Holy smokes!! I’m very impressed by the effect. XD But yeah, like Marzz said, it’s best to do it in a very well-ventilated area and not too much at one go. xD But really, it looks awesome! *_*

    • thanks! ^_^ yup, i always have to work in well ventilated area with my type of battle damages lol XD
      im surprised how well this worked out though, controlling the heat is the hardest part.

  6. I like the paint effect!!! Very nicely done. Looks damaged.. cool!

  7. you should post your whole collection ^^”
    it looks good, nice detailed =)

  8. man.. you’re getting better and better!! i’ve learnt alot from you.. wad we can find in our house has so much gunpla property! lolx.. love the new look.. =)

    • always good to have successful experiments! are you ready to do some weathering to your kits? 😛

      think outside the box with household items, never know what other things they can be useful for lol

  9. badass you need GPO3dendrobium now 😛

  10. whoa, cool burnt effects bro!
    so you are also using heat and metal gaia memory 😀

  11. woah nice effect… btw what is the HGM scale rocklee? 1/400?

  12. Great job! You’re really good with this technique. That looks really cool!

  13. Regarding Battle damage, i was intending some to be added to Ms Seto over at my side, what do you think of using a Hot Screw Driver to poke and recreate Bullet marks?

    • cool! i havent tried that technique personally but i hear it works well.
      first i would suggest to mark out the areas you want the damage to go, then start poking a small area little by little to see how it turns out.
      and maybe adding some grey or black with markers if needed after that.

      good luck, i look forward to seeing your results! ^^

  14. Omg… I dont watch gundam anymore, but Neue Ziel was my fav ms of all time (0083 ftw >_<). Quite nostalgic. Awesome battle damage.

    • thanks K, Neue Ziel is my fav too but a while back i saw an image of the mobile armor from the unicorn series and i was blown away! so there might be a contender for that top spot now lol

  15. I like the way you think man, to make a melted armor, the easiest way is indeed by melting the plastic

  16. (late comment~)
    Woah, that’s nice! It looks really well done too. =)
    Too bad I wouldn’t dare do that to my Gunpla except maybe those ‘cheaper’ ones… unless I accidentally released the plastic fumes which might end up poisoning me instead. XP

  17. At first look I think it is Kshatriya.

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