Life With Nendos: Unpacking 4koma

New possible 4koma series?

*click to enlarge*

Based on a funny joke I heard from a friend long ago Lol Man, I spent way too long on this! Drossel was in the original idea too but I cant draw her or Saber well at all ^^;;

I plan to setup my desk and start unpacking my figures this week. If things dont go as planned i hope these random 4komas will hold you over XD


~ by rockleelotus on August 16, 2010.

31 Responses to “Life With Nendos: Unpacking 4koma”

  1. Go Yoko~! GO~! USE THE RIFLE~! XD

    So… If there’s any delay, we should know on what just happened, eh? :3

  2. lol nice megane!

    you know what? You should have Nagi acting all surprise in the background XD

    • all the cool kids wear glasses… because they have too, you know for bad vision ๐Ÿ˜›

      ohh are you having surprised Nagi withdrawal? dont worry i have plenty more scenarios planned for that paranoid cutie ^_^

  3. Is that a leek in the last frame? I just noticed your title banner is deadly cute! Hnnngh~

  4. LOL.. pwned!!

    Is it me or the megane guy looks like me O_o

  5. That’s a great idea to pack!

  6. Ouch what a kick lol!!! Is it me or is that you in the 4koma ๐Ÿ˜›

    Never never ask nendos to do packing for ya haha!

  7. Team-work! Good joke. *LOL*

  8. I lol’d at this. real funny.
    well, hope you’re not injured for that.

  9. badly pwned lol

  10. So I take it that your nendoroids are still packed up? ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Uh-oh. You just don’t mess with those girls… Lol.

  12. Haha, I have to say, you deserved it.

  13. hahaha, nendo abuse!
    will report you to authority.

  14. hahaha, I’m gonna try this one in real life for sure

  15. Haha, that was funny~

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