Nagi’s Cherry

~Now take care of those, you only get one ladies.~

I bet YOU want this, dont you?

Hey dummy.


Omg, someone popped Nagi’s cherry?! …and before me?


After reading Klux’s Kannagi manga post, I learned a few new things:

1: Nagi may no longer be a virgin in the manga?!

2:  I want to read the manga now!





I know Nagi looked surprised as usual in the shot above, but maybe her expression/feeling could also been this:

One happy camper?

Who knows for sure till the manga resumes, cant wait to start reading it 😛


~ by rockleelotus on August 19, 2010.

23 Responses to “Nagi’s Cherry”

  1. A tsundere moment, there, eh?
    Confident one minute, defenseless the next.

    I haven’t the manga or watch the anime so no I have no idea (not my type, really XD).

    • Nagi is quite the character, being a goddess who cleanses the world of impurities.

      wonder if cleansing impure thoughts through impure acts count as a form of stopping impurities 😛

  2. *chuckles* nice way of putting it, Sir.

    It is just like Nagi to have a mixture of surprise and eternal bliss on her face during such moment 😛

  3. mmm… that cherry looks delicious~~~

  4. ooo Nagi and Zange nendo~~ I like those expression.. epicness lol..

  5. Popping the cherry. I really enjoyed the literal pun. It’s clever. ^ ^

    • its not often we have cherries or fruits in the house for that matter.

      saw an opportunity to get back to figure stories for a small laugh and took it ^_^

  6. 😆 Very clever. Loving that look of shock on Nagis’ face, followed by Zange looking totally gutted.

  7. you know, when you put “cherry” and “virgin” within one article… hilarity ensues 😄

    by the way, care to exchange links? 😀

  8. Nagi’s cherry….hm………yummy….?
    mwahahahahaha, rocklee ecchi!

  9. Some kinda interesting fact here. Nagi no longer virgin in manga. *wonder* hmmm… probably its time you let know which chapter. *LOL*

  10. Damn u rock….you know I have such a soft spot for Nagi’s surprised face……

    And may I have that cherry nagi? buahahaha!!!

  11. LOL
    Actually, it looks like Nagi popped her own cherry.


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