Yuki Nagato Nendoroid



Yuki Nagato


Just a quick post, recently bought a few used figures *it saves the cash* Been wanting to get my hands on Yuki nendo and now I finally have her 😀 More reveals coming eventually ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on September 19, 2010.

30 Responses to “Yuki Nagato Nendoroid”

  1. Oho… A new addition, eh? =D

    She’s… rather quiet… isn’t she?…

  2. she doesn’t do much, does she?

  3. Indeed she has the studious and quite type look. I wonder what are her other postures.

  4. \o/ Nagato~~~

  5. Is this the normal one or from the movie? I ordered the movie version 😀

  6. yep! displayed nendos are much cheaper!! nendo kills wallet. lolx.. glad you found yuki! she’s kinda rare these days.. ^^

    • less stress on the wallet indeed, so happy i found her at a good deal! been looking for her a long while.

      i would greatly increase my collection if i could find cheaper pre owned nendos… but i wont pay those high after market premiums…. maybe for zetsubou sensei only…….. XD

  7. \NAGATO!/ sweet~!

  8. that’s pastel ink’s chair?
    used figures, so who are the rest? 😀

    • nope nagato gets her own chair too! the chair is awesome 😀

      i have two others pre owned, if i cant think of a fun intro ill do a lame shoot Lol i am lazy 😛

      • ah, I see. I thought that is ink’s.
        I am sure you can come up with interesting story for the rest ^^

        make it street fighter or KOF maybe?

  9. She’s so cute. I think I have one Nendo with a chair, Tsukasa Hiiragi and I find it difficult to place/balance her on the chair because of her weight. You don’t seem to have that problem with Yuki.

    • Yuki is one of my fav characters 😀 ehh i never knew Tsukasa came with a chair also lol. the extra sitting parts that come with yuki fit perfectly with the chair so she is very stable ^^

  10. I’d like to know how much you spent on her. I was going to sell my Yuki Nagato nendoroid. If I had known you were looking to buy, I could have sold it to you for cheaper. :\

    • i think it was under $30, have to double check. one thing i didnt note yet was there are a few noticeable scuff marks and the stand was missing. i still think i got a good deal since i play with my nendos so much, light marks dont bug me as much ^^

      why are you selling Yuki? if you ever decide to sell some nendos let me know… and let me haggle you down to dirt cheap prices 😛

  11. Nice get. Yuki is my favourite from the Haruhi series :D. I’ve got the Bad Witch Yuki figma. Witch hats are awesome.

  12. Morning
    Yuki Nagato

    It’s almost kind of poetic. ^ ^

  13. wow she looks great :),sometimes even the used figures also hard to get .

  14. Yuki! D’aaw! I love Yuki Nagato! *squee~*

    Haha. This is such a typical Nagato scene. Just reading all day. 😀

  15. is that nendoroid series number 123? I have it too, but I don’t see any chair. Is that chair sold separately?

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