Yoko Moon Cake!

Happy Mid Autumn festival everyone. Took the time to snap a few shots of Yoko ^_^

Yoko and moon cake time!

I cut up an old sweater and its Yoko temp new outfit lol

My fav shot ❤

Yoko> Moon> Cake.  😛

Unlike last year when we only got red bean mooncakes, this year we have a few lotus seed ones. Delicious!








Milk with your mooncake?


~ by rockleelotus on September 23, 2010.

17 Responses to “Yoko Moon Cake!”

  1. What the- LOL the last pic 😄

  2. I… though… the… 4th picture…was… no… last… pic~GUUUUUUUSH~!

    *on the floor with a puddle of blood*

    GJ~! *thumbs up with shaky arm*

  3. Happy Mid Autumn too, Yoko is cute as usual

  4. Happy Mid Autumn festival Rocklee 😀 .I get the point in the last picture you(rocklee) drink the milk >w<.

  5. OMG LOL @ the last pic xDD

    *Joins bd on the floor with a puddle of blood*

  6. *jumps into the puddle of blood*

    i mean…POOL of Blood!

  7. the oppai is so distracting… I mean disturbing

  8. Yoko fan service overload lol.

    Mooncake with lover = win 😀

  9. *LOL* Happy Mooncake Festival!
    I’ve not seen Yoko got a long time.
    I see some fan service in the post. New stuff huh. 😉

  10. Maximum nose bleed!!!!

    Its good to have some fan service once in a while buahahah!!!
    Damn you rocklee….that is some godly milk you are having!!

  11. AHHAHAHAHA.. FAN SERVICE! i need tissue now!! i can see tt you’re having a ‘bloody’ good time yeah? ^^ hahaa. happy mid-Autumn!

  12. LOL Happy mid autumn everyone, hope you all enjoyed the yum yums :3 glad this brought you some laughs and errmm… blood loss for a few 😛

    *calls for the ambulance*

    i need a Saber meido to help clean up this mess!

  13. lol! wow love the last shot. It’s beautiful… I’ll never look at breast-feeding the same way ever again.

    Happy mid autumn, rockleelotus!

  14. I thought the 4th pic is ero enough….until I scrolled down to the last pic!
    damn rocklee, share some of the milk with us 😀

    now I am sure your nendo yoko is the result of your *beep* and *beep* and also *beep* ………….. 😄

    • LOL that is for Yoko to decided. i dont know of any *beep* or *beep* going on but ill have to keep a closer eye on the little lee in the last pic, hes already getting the “godly milk” as chubbs has quoted hahaha you guys crack me up 😄

      …he is trying to be like Wolfheinrich’s Ecchi Lion!

  15. so very horny

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