Saber Sisters Round 3

The sisters spend more time together.

Lion invites Lily to her pad.

Gao… welcome.

Gao gao… want drink?

Lily: No thank you.

*Saber Lion has poured herself a bowl of… COFFEE!*

as she is about to drink it…

Lily: Sister!

You like robots?

Gao gao… I like the shiny.


Lily: Sister!

Are you a fan of magic?

Gao gao… Those are my hunting tools.


Lily: Sister!

What is this?

Gao gao… I found it outside on the floor.


Lily: Sister!

You can play the guitar?

Gao gao… That is fire wood.









*Seconds later*








Lily: S-s-sister?! What just happened?!

*soft whimper: gaoooooooo…*

When Saber Sisters and The Coffee Effect collide! Lily learns what Lion is capable of… after a dose of coffee ๐Ÿ˜›


~ by rockleelotus on September 30, 2010.

31 Responses to “Saber Sisters Round 3”

  1. HAHAHAAH the last face!! so funny!! lolx. i see tako’s up to something like this too.. lolx shhhh. =X


    saber lion when densho-mode again!

  3. Someone had set up a bo… Nevermind, its’ harmless… I think…

  4. Too cute! I just love Saber Lion’s expression.

  5. oh? is she caffeine intolerant just like me? XD

  6. LOL is that an N2 mine? And guitar as firewood LOL!!

  7. “I like the shiny” best line evar. Gao Sweet Gao post it note lol.

  8. Saber Lion sure collects a lot of stuff. She’s going to have to recollect it now. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Magic hats and wands for hunting, I wonder what Saber Lions’ hunt o.O

  9. Lol luckily that N2 mine didn’t blow up!!

    Gwad….I haven’t been photographing my nendos for so long…time to bring them out!!!

  10. *LOL* hahahahahah I thought there would be explosion there and nice pad She have ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Saber Lion is so cute. Her sleeping is really innocent

  12. The last panel is so funny! Love both of their expressions.

  13. hahahahahaha, so this is still connected to the previous coffee post XD

  14. LOL WTH happened to the place!? When I drink coffee I get all depressed, not hyper like saber lion ;_; hahahahaha

    Well I do get hyper but only for a short while, the aftereffect sucks xD

    • Saber Lion went super saiyan! then you are just like her but she gets that temporary hyper effect x489534095693745 XD

      i dont get hyper after coffee, maybe i need to increase dosage…

  15. Wow, never thought that I would see another coffee effect! At least you only show the result of her brutality this time LoL

    • i thought Saber Lion was clean all this time but it looks like she learned how to brew her own coffee! that just might mean there will be more of these event in the future lol

  16. […] with Saber Lion Today we follow Saber Lion as she goes hunting with the tools she had in her home. […]

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