Dollfie Rider Yoko

Quick late photoshoot and updates.

Book of tricks.

Just a passing through Dollfie Rider.

*Plays Decade music*


*Yoko uses “Attack Ride: Energy Drain!”*

Photoshoot got cut short as my batteries died here ^^;


updates: I havent been feeling so well for the past month, at the same time getting pretty stressed and busy with other things happening. There might be a lack of content for a while because to all that, im just too exhausted to work on anything else. That aside, I still wanna tackle on my gunpla again and try to complete another kit/project!

some progress done last month.

I need to finish up the 6 queued post ive had for a while and getting to those late loot intros from past months, many of which I havent even opened yet lol ^^; Also blah blah blah…


Side note: Im trying to limit my spending lately but Im thinking of buying a Kamen Rider Decade DX Decadriver so I can match with Yoko ๐Ÿ˜€ If you know anyone who is willing to sell theirs cheap let me know! Ebay has them for far too much and some Japan only shops offer it cheap, but with proxy services it might still be around $100 T_T any help appreciated!




~ by rockleelotus on October 15, 2010.

22 Responses to “Dollfie Rider Yoko”

  1. Hang on… That belt is a 1/1 scale, right?… Right?…

    Luckily it was your camera that she drained. XD

    • LOL XD

      yup the DX Driver is to scale, but i think the belt fit kids only so it will need to be modded to fit an adult. i also seen a different mod to add more LEDs to make it that more epic! not sure how to dit it myself tho ^^;

  2. Whoa! A decadriver? But you are looking for the DX decadriver? Double henshin? LOL. Take care man.

  3. Never realise Yoko looks so cute until now o.O?! First Mg quanta looking nice and now Yoko, what’s wrong with my eyes man LOL xD

    And are you sure YOU weren’t the one that she drained? You must’ve blacked out and left the camera on the whole time, and when you woke up you though the camera battery was the one drained by her ;D HAHAHAHA

    • you just realize that now?! your shields must be down and now your highly susceptible to poisons ๐Ÿ˜› evolution!

      Lol maybe it was an AOE AttackRide drain XD

  4. woaa, you remind me of a scene in Amagami SS (episode 14) when the main heroine use parody of Kabuto-Henshin belt.

    and good luck for future posts

  5. yoko is beautiful in every pose and angle….

  6. wowww.. you managed to find a 1/6 scale belt?? tts freaking cool! hope they come up with a costume.. and you’ll get your kamen riddess! XD yoko really has the making of a riddess.

    looking forward to your builds!! ^^ yes blogging takes alot of timeee… zzz. hhahah.

    • this belt is 1/3 scale and really cool because it opens and closes, also cards can be inserted. not only that i got the booker to complete the belt. Yoko has what it takes to be a epic rider ^^

      thanks man, build progressing slowly and ican be slow at writing up posts so blogging does takes up a lot of my spare time XD lol

  7. Wow awesome man…I’ll like yoko ride me anytime ๐Ÿ˜› Where you get that belt?

    I also am in the same situation as you, trying to limit my spending for future diaper purchases haha. Craving for some Saber lion coffee effect posts from ya or some Nagi being surprised haha ๐Ÿ˜›

    • wouldnt we all ๐Ÿ˜› i got this from a japanese website with proxy service, its only sold in japan so kinda expensive to get even though the item itself is pretty affordable T_T

      yea man i can imagine you gotta be pretty strict with the budget when a baby is on the way! as for me, im just trying to get an income and keep it steady.

      haha soon, i have a few of those post queued up just need some time and motivation to finish them!

  8. Running out of battery in the middle of a photoshoot is really suck…It happened to me once when I was outdoor and not bringing any spare batteries T.T

    • having that happen durning an outdoor shoot is even worse. im also considering to invest in a new camera because my current one runs on 2 AA batteries and it eats through them in only a few minutes XD its a power hog and makes my current photo shoot sessions much more difficult…

  9. Wanted to buy Double driver but it was pricey XD anyway great shots!

  10. Wah… you keep showing us your lovely Yoko, I’m really tempted to get a dollfie myself too, since my wife not here. zzzz… what should I do? ….

    • get get! lol its a big investment and shouldnt be made on impulse, besides plans need to be made before you adopt a daughter ๐Ÿ˜› does you wife like Dollfie also?

      you have many figures to keep you company in the meantime! ^^

  11. Relax, enjoy the day, and I hope you feel better. ^ ^
    Anyways, I like Yoko’s top.

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