Danb O’ Lantern

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Halloween and if you dont celebrate it, hope your having a good day! ^^ This is just a quick post before heading to bed early, its a quite halloween and I was too tired to go grab some candy for these pics Lol I wont be eating much of it this year…

Danbo jack o’ lantern ^^;

Danbo: All your candies are belong to us.

Yotsuba: Theres candy?!

Yotsuba: Gimmie suuuuuuummmmm!!!!!

*Imagine theres a pile of candy there*



Danbo was one of the other second hand items I purchase a while ago, which explains why his eyes dont light up perfectly. he looks like this: o_O and Yotsuba was a neglected gift that got handed to me way back before the house reno was starting. My older bro bought it for my lil bro a long long time ago but hes not into figures, and my older bro is not into poseable figures so after a while he just handed it to me ^^

Sleep time!


~ by rockleelotus on October 31, 2010.

29 Responses to “Danb O’ Lantern”

  1. So that’s why the O_o look…

    Oh… Yotsuba, aka the 4chan girl. =D

  2. o_O

  3. I want that Danbo

  4. Wait…you have danbo?? Awesome pair of gets ๐Ÿ˜›

    Too bad I am the eldest lol..wish i was the second one so I can get hand down those figures!!

    • big fan of Yotsuba and always wanted a danbo in my collection ^^

      haha you are the cool responsible gunpla elder. it is nice to get hand down now and then ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I think it should be give me coin hahahaha

  6. The second photo.. I thought you got them because they have similar type of eyes. The Danbo having smaller eyes when is being light up is pretty cool actually. We may think that you did that on purpose ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lol circle eyes makes for funny expression. i dont use the light up very often but it is growing on me, i have a unique danbo with different expression when lit up and off ^^

  7. Sweet stuff. Happy Halloween (even though it’s like, Nov 3rd now lol)

  8. O_O

    happy very late hallowen :p

  9. ahhh you have danbo too!!! welcomes welcomes.. haha. aww. seems like all the danbos have some sort of problem.. but the o.O look is adorable!! haha. it could be due to the lack of voltage to the eye.. had it while i was fixing mine too. haha. anw, happy belated halloween! ^^

    • woot, im proud to officially be part of the danbo club lol ahh so that problem is common? i think i will leave it as is though since it adds to the fun factor.

  10. o_O Cool looking Danbo. Yotsuba is cool too but she doesn’t have glowing eyes :P.

  11. Cool! a Danbo and yotsuba is a perfect pair! My danbo once has this O_o look when the lights were on…give it a little bang (carefully so the paint won’t scratch) and it’s back to normal LoL kinda lucky since I might broke the lights completely in the process..

  12. Hehe Danb’o Lantern, the cutest box ever!

  13. hahaha, the o_O makes it scarier!

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