MG Gouf Custom WIP 03

Project halted due to modding exhaustion lol but this is what I have as of now.

*Build me a throne while your at it!*

Skirt Armor Mod:

I cut away the two section on the side and added a rubber connector. Now the front armors can bent outward and allow the legs to be moved forward. And I clipped the rubber for the tubing with metal to hold it in place, hope it is stable.

Cut away some portion of the side skirt for a slimmer look and feel. Will add some vents or thrusters to this.

How it looks all together. Still in rough stages.

Leg Progress:

Added some panel lines and details like cutting a hole for the vents.

Side by Side. My panel lines are horrible, super rushed and ugly hah ^^; seems i still dont have patience for this.

Close up. I also scribbed along the original edges to give more definition, and gave thigh armor zigzag seam.

Articulation ups! cutting away some excess plastic and armor.

Im NOT looking forward to mirror all mods onto the other leg guahhhh XD

Shoulder Armor:

You can kinda see the difference scribbing around the spikes adds *click for larger version* Failed seam line removal here also Lol


Used file to add scratches to parts and will be sanding over all parts for matte look.


Thats it for now! I feel like jumping back into the RX78 and see if i cant whip up any more plaplate action. Also sorry for lack of “quality” figure story posts to all those more interested in that, I have the ideas but not the inspiration to proceed XD zZzZzZz…



~ by rockleelotus on November 5, 2010.

20 Responses to “MG Gouf Custom WIP 03”

  1. You’ve made the front movable AND increased the knee bending range? Cool~!
    At least your panel lining makes the kit looks not so plain. =D

  2. that was one nice mod for the skirt 😀

  3. Wow.. Nice scribing you did thar~

  4. Whoa buddy, to be honest, those panel lines are sick! You really did a good job on the panel line layout! Just take a break or else you’ll get burn out from the modding 😛

    This is gonna be your best work yet!

    • thanks for the encouragement 😀 i am a little burnt out, rushed into too much modding too quickly lol

      i have to thank RG char zaku for inspiration on the front thigh panel line layout, thats what got me going ^_^

  5. Very nice panel lines…. You made it even much more detailed!

  6. great panel lines design! Really love it rocklee 😀
    Must have taken lots of effort to scribe curve lines on curve surface.
    Just need cleaning up later for the area around panel lines.

    • woot! i have some scratch build armor planned for the torso but its proving much more difficult that i thought!

      i really rushed the scribing, just draw template and attack! no tape so it went kinda fast and messy, hands are cramped though lol how would i go about cleaning up the area around the lines? i tried slowly going over the edges to even things out but added more mistakes in the process ^^;;

  7. cool loking Gouf and the placement of those panel lines are really great!
    Can’t wait too see the whole thing in its final form!

    • this is the most panel lining i ever done on a kit! had to look up lots of reference for inspiration ^^

      a few more mods+panel lining+ SB parts and he should be done lol

  8. Nice baby you have there 😀

    You drew the panel lines?! O_o It is so much better than the original!

  9. From the photos, the lines look cool on the legs. Keep up the good work!

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