MG Gouf Custom WIP 04

Progress resumes on the Gouf Custom.

Take a kneel, we need to approach this strategically.

Details and articulation mods now done on both legs.

*I forgot to change the white balance settings on my camera so the shots came out orange.*

Arm Progress:

Added some panel lines and colored the spikes black.

Modded the back of arm armor.

Zoop! The piece moves down ^^ it needs to be done manually though.

Ill be adding more details to the arms later. Poorly documented progress of the mod below:

Rounded the edges of the bolt on the elbow and did some cuts to allow a little more bend in the arm. Again, not looking forward to reproduce the work on to the other arm lol XD

After the arms are done ill jump to the torso. Thinking about raising the neck and making a new shoulder joint, which will require major reconstructive surgery! Not sure if I am up for that yet ^^;






RX78 Kiva is not happy that the Gouf Custom is getting so much time in the workshop!



~ by rockleelotus on November 12, 2010.

23 Responses to “MG Gouf Custom WIP 04”

  1. oho.. nice moveable parts mod ^^

  2. Manually but makes it look more realistic. (if its a PG, then its WHOLE different story)

    That Gouf is too manly until he can grasp an in coming sword. XD

    • yup it adds a nice touch, trying to incorporate details i see in the RG because they are so cool ^^

      haha it is a HG vs MG. also rx78 kiva is still incomplete with his henshin so as of now, no match for manly Gouf Custom! ^^;

  3. nice and awesome 😀 now that’s a MG Gouf for real XD
    he can grab the sword coz he’s norris

  4. You only painted one side spikes black? You are planning to do the same for the other side?^^

    • for sure! im working out all the mods and details on one arm first. after getting it the way i like, i will do the same on the other arm ^^

      the right arm is untouched in this wip.

  5. The elbow mod is damn impressive! Plus the added panel lines all over, it makes him look even more badass.

  6. Lol.. Definitely getting a Gouf Custom now.

    First I thought its like the other older kits that needs “major” mods for better posability. xD

    • haha awesome man, cant deny its a bad ass mobile suit with a bad ass pilot.

      i didnt do much test prior to check the articulation limit but i would say with the default; the main problem should be the restricted movement of the torso and the blockage of the legs with the front skirt armor.

  7. hah the gouf can even stop the sword lol

  8. That is the inner side of the arms right? This Gouf Custom is looking more badass!

    • yup it is, hard to tell the way i photoed it sry ^^; normally it is two pieces but i cut the bottom one in half to make it movable.

      thanks, hope to finish him soon so i can move on to other projects ^^

  9. damn freaking cool. i. love. the. elbow. mod. the knees are nicely done too! my hands are so itchy for gunplas.. im gunpla cold turkey now. XD i wanna see BAD ASS GOUF (B.A.G.) beating up KIVA! ahhaha.

    okay im drunk.

    • thanks ren! haha side effect of gunpla withdrawal is drunkenness. maybe you can take a very short gunpla break between your studies? ^^

      the B.A.G. is about to bag himself a gundam rider lol im almost done, the hardest part is coming up; scratch building new armor pieces…

  10. actually the orange effect looks good lee,
    awesome photos.
    so, I’m gonna wait for the finished model eh?

  11. Separate armor on the arms!! Like it bro!
    The small detail plates look interesting.

    btw your moody yellow light is nice ^^

    • thanks man, they are moveable but right now im leaving them open all the time since it looks cooler haha

      the lighting is not bad and the yellow color does add some mood lol but i really wanted to go for white light so the details show up in these wips. id say im having more trouble with proper lighting that doing this kit! 😛

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