Surprised Nagi is Surprised -Fixed Edition?-

Nagi is done with her rehabilitation therapy?

Gatack: Thank you, come again!

Lets see if she made any progress.

Ouch, Thats gotta hurt! *Be careful when skate boardng*

Spotted someone getting high?!

Still not surprised.

Robots are taking over or something?!? How long has she been in rehabilitation?


Wow, she seems to have recovered… but isnt it weird that she has no reaction at all? Lets take a close look at the therapy center she was leaving from.








With this treatment, the effects are not permanent so…. with time, we see the girl we have come to know;







Silly Nagi, we still love you all the same ^^



~ by rockleelotus on November 14, 2010.

14 Responses to “Surprised Nagi is Surprised -Fixed Edition?-”

  1. What the EFF~!? B..b…Botox? 😮

    I see one for your Rider is having a “fix”. XD

  2. lol botox kills expression!

  3. Haha botox… Well I guess she wanted to smooth out those wrinkles.

  4. haha, i kinda miss her face, thankfully things return back to normal ^^
    The picture where Drossel is holding the Gatling Gun is really cute 😀

  5. hahahahaha.. i’ve gotten so used to Nagi’s shocked face tt i feel weird looking at her straight face. glad she’s back!! hahaha. gao gao has smthing up in her sleeves.. ask tako! =D

    • her straight zoned out face is weird, nagi looks better with an expression full of life D8 shes about to run into more surprises 😀

      gaooo tako tako gaooo, cant wait to find out!

  6. love the sniffing glue pic. That’s a LOT of glue, relatively speaking.

  7. hahahaha, love the kickhopper pic.
    honestly I also like the smell of tamiya cement and mr surfacer…..

    but I don’t sniff like that >.<

    • Lol you wanna share “supply” with kickhopper? mr. cement is strong stuff!

      my room has poor ventilation, especially now that the weather is cold and i usually keep the window closed… the fumes are powerful XD

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