Where is it?!


Yotsuba: Where is it?

Yoko: Get off me!

Is it in here?!

Yotsuba: Did you take it?!

*Slaps Zange*

*Zange slaps Yotsuba back*

Zange: Oh yea! Now do me again!

*Ohhh Yotsubaaaaa*




Is this what you are looking for?

Yotsuba: My hat!!

Fuka: Be more careful with your belongings Yotsuba.

Yotsuba: Thank you Fuka, I will from now on.

Lets go play!!




Finally I own the school uniform version of Fuka Ayase. She was a must get on my list for quite some time, I got her a while back and now I want to get the 7-11 version also lol but only if I find a good deal and maybe the swimsuit version too since its the cheapest. Moar Fuka :3



~ by rockleelotus on November 20, 2010.

16 Responses to “Where is it?!”

  1. Oh…. my. Yotsuba is on the offensive and… Whaa… Zange is an M-type of person? O_o

    Too bad Fuuka is a statue…

    • rage mode! and Zange might be both the S and the M… refer to surprised nagi strange edition ^^;

      luckily Yotsuba has good imagination so she can make up for that fact lol i had an idea to make the swimsuit ver of Fuka posable if i can get one… future project!

  2. Zange…you maso….*keystoned*

  3. I think ZD was refering to Tenshi (http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Tenshi_Hinanai), a girl in the Touhou games who is very much into M.

  4. Yotsuba bipolar much? Her face really works well for Rage Mode and the “What!”. Zange is really getting into the M stuff :lol:.

    • Yotsuba is full of energy lol the expressions she come with strongly show her mood, very easy to play with them ^^

      you can tell Zange is into some weird stuff, she always has that mischievous look haha

  5. Zange deserved the no-reason slap but don’t give her more!

  6. Oh Zange… You adorable weirdo. ^ ^

  7. This seems so much like Yotsuba’s personality too! Awesome job! I like Yoko’s response. 😀

  8. ah I miss reading yotsuba, always love how the mangaka put all the details into the background.

    is that, a tallgeese? ^^

    • yotsuba is a really fun manga, seems like it takes forever for each new chapter to be released.

      yup, that is my old 1/100 tallgeese III… he is spare parts for my mods now XD

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