Ore Sinanju!!!

Its go time! Ill be taking part in the HGUC Sinanju group build being run by ZoiDieCT ^^

“Ore…. Sinanjuuuu!”

It arrived sooner than expected! I might do a snap fit, then set it aside as I already have the Gouf and RX78 still on the table. But I may just dive into this anyways, so I will see how that goes and hope I can finish before the deadline. Either way, im excited! ^^


~ by rockleelotus on November 23, 2010.

17 Responses to “Ore Sinanju!!!”

  1. Ohoho. You’ve gotten yours I see. You should be excited as its a very nicely designed unit.


    Careful with the foil stickers… They’re long and slender (especially the shield ones).

  2. Nice! for me MG all the way XD

  3. great to see yours! looking forward to your build and the completed sinanju itself! 😀

  4. Nice!! the box looks big btw 😀

    • the zeon army grows! yea man the box is same HGUC measurements in length and width, but the height is 2x bigger. would be funny and fitting if it was 3x the size 😛

  5. Buhaha welcome to the GB man!!! Looking forward to your creative mods!!

  6. Oh…. can’t wait to see what mods you will use…

  7. When is the dateline?

  8. Looking forward for it 😀

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