Ore Sinanju! HGUC WIP 02

Progress kinda slow, it felt like I was super busy the last couple days but at the same time super lazy XD and usually I get an idea for a build style before I purchase a kit, but that wasnt the case for Sinanju. Just an awesome looking kit I wanted in my collection lol so im going with the flow as I progress.

Trim this!

For fun I attacked the trims early, knowing full well that using gundam markers only will cause problems ^^; Overall it still looks okay but quite a bit of the gold has rubbed off by this post.

I used the technique sbhboi used but without spray paint since I dont have any. I couldnt find my darker pigment pens for the clean up, the gundam paneling marker is too light and allows the gold under it to still be visible XD

and I also did this:

Looks normal right?





Looks can be deceiving!

I didnt like how the exposed knee looked when fully bent so I attempted a MG style function upgrade.

The Mod:

Top two shots I cut away some plastic to increase articulation.

I cut the knee part in two and added plaplate detail on the bottom piece. The top piece I removed the seam line then added the rubber circle thing and used plaplate to hold it in place.

To attach the knee armor I cut an opening in the knee. Used a piece of runner shaped as a T and it fit it in the hole that is already available ^^ Had to cut away a small part of the inside and now the knee armor can move up and down a little.


Some bad news; as I was working on this mod I lost one of the poly cap on the legs T_T Im not sure what happened to it but its been almost 2 days and I cant find it! Ill have to come up with a different way to attach the leg to the hip if I cant find that piece.



~ by rockleelotus on December 5, 2010.

28 Responses to “Ore Sinanju! HGUC WIP 02”

  1. This seems to be very complicated

    • coming up with a way to approach a modification can be very complicated. the easy way would have been just to glue the piece to the knee joint, but i wanted some functionality and thats where things get tricky.

  2. Now THIS is a terrific mod. MG-like knee movements~!

    But, not so sure if going to do this or not…

    • thanks ^^ i am looking to the MG for inspiration on modding this guy.

      you should do this only if your comfortable with cutting parts already, i chipped off a little piece on the other knee cutting without a saw ^^;

  3. That’s a pretty cool mod! might wanna try it out myself, heh.

    yeah I lost one of the pipes from the arm when fixing it too 😦 hoping to find it soon =/

    • thanks, good luck it you attempt it ^^ the hardest part s the cutting.

      i hope you find that missing piece, this will be the first time i lost a part if i cant find it. maybe i should start working over a box to catch parts if i drop them lol

  4. ouch. sucks to lose any pieces.. but terrific mod nonetheless.. i may wanna try the same for the trims too.. heh. hope you find the miss polycap soon!

  5. Wow.. this is awesome mod XD, definitely going to try myself too.. btw.. you cut the knee using normal hobby knife or using that tiny saw?

    • thank man ^^ good luck, upgrade that Sinanjuuu!

      i do all my cutting with a dull hobby knife, need to change the blade soon lol i want to get a saw but dunno which is good.

  6. Oh you used Gundam Marker for the gold? Looks good!

  7. wow ur progress looks fast!

  8. Can’t really see how the leg mod is gonna work out. Hope you can find that missing part!

    • thanks im going to clean up my room this week, hopefully it will show itself XD

      the mod is working out okay, so far the only problem could be the circle rubber connector since it doesnt bond to well with the plastic. if it comes loose then some extra plaplate should do to hold it in place.

  9. I lurk !

    I see what I RIKE !

    Gonna do this easy yet NAIS mod !

    All great rockleelotus, thnx for simplify this awesome mod, anyway, about the shield, should just use black gundam marker instead, black pigment pens.

    Hey, Ima add ya blog to my bloglist, asking for permission now. =)

    • haha no problem glad you rike it 😀 you can still do this? i thought you remove seam line for all parts already.

      thanks for the tip, im going to work on the trims again after i get some topcoat so they wont rub off again lol

      cool, add away! i will return the favor ^_^

  10. From what I can tell, you’ve successfully migrated the kneecap to the knee joint instead of leaving it with the lower leg right? Impressive!

  11. hell yeah! you basically do every mod i had in mind 😀 great job dude!

    • woot woot, great minds think arike… or am i psychic! 😛

      more mods already planned, it may be another one you have in mind also lol hope you get your kit soon!

  12. cool modification!
    Loosing parts is really suck..its like our project is slowing down because of unnecessary things..
    Is there any spare polycaps from other kits?

  13. Cool method! Straightforward and effective 😀
    so many good things to see from this group build, I’ll steal them all, mufufufufufu

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