Ore Sinanju! HGUC WIP 03

Haro! Made some more upgrades on Sinanju.

Everything is ordinary?

Or everything is extraordinary! ^^;

*Poor legless Sinanju… damn you lost poly cap, why wont you show yourself!! XD*

Beam saber ready!

But if time is of the essence…

He is still good to go!

The Mod:

I thought of two ways to attempt this mod; one required making small movable parts and reconstructing the forearm, and the other a plug and play approach… I went for the easier method ^^; This took quite a while to complete, lots of trial and error from start to finish.

Started by cutting away the interior to make a slot for the pla beam to slide.

Attaching the pla beam to top armor after proper measurements. Added a poorly made tip of beam saber handle to attach to the front, followed by gallons of glue!

The two green lines show where the pla beam will slide and I cut away an opening near the front to fit the beam part. Had some errors in final fitting but after making small cuts in certain areas, the final fit is very snug ^^

I havent done the mod on the other arm yet as I got a bit frustrated in the initial attempt lol


Some other details to point out.

I cut away a section on the neck joint to allow a bit more downward tilt for the head. I painted the tiny emblem between the neck and chest, nice details on this kit! Also painted the undersides of the armors grey, clean up still required.


More mods to come?



~ by rockleelotus on December 8, 2010.

27 Responses to “Ore Sinanju! HGUC WIP 03”

  1. You really going to the extreme in modding this guy up, eh? The completion will make something like an MG in HG size.

    Nice. =D

  2. anymore mods rocklee you are gonna make this an RG Sinanju!!!

  3. I have lost count on the number of mods you have employed. LOL.
    Maybe the end result would be even better than the MG?

  4. Ah nice mod, but sadly I’ve cement?seam removal on that parts…..but fear not, Koto option parts is on hands. Heh ~

  5. wah.. omg its a freaking cool mod. *hides in shame* its able to retract too right? awesomeness from rocklee.. *.* fear not! without its legs you can make it a sinanZEONG. lolx. i recently lost an impt part of one of my model kits too. T.T anyway.. im waiting for more awesomeness! XD

    • thanks very much ren! yup it can retract, and no need for shame hiding ^^

      LOL sinaZEONG! a Zeong ver that can move 3x fast! haha im working on using a spare poly cap as replacement, making some cuts so it can fit properly.

      ahhh not you too… hope you can find it or find/make a suitable replacement man.

  6. THIS! IS! ROCKLEELOTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    awesome, just awesome, and i dont even thought of making this…

    GO GO GO GO!!

  7. nice mod nv tot of putting the beam over maybe i shall try it when i hav extra sinanju lol

  8. wow, there’s even that tiny emblem between the neck and chest..
    I suppose you’re gonna sharpen the spikes too?

  9. this is awesome mod.. I think I’m not going to do heavy mod.. just minimal mod ๐Ÿ˜€

    still.. me RIKE!

  10. awesome mod rocklee..
    true this is like a RG..

  11. COOL!!
    It’s a hidden beam that will catch unicorn off guard.

    Love this idea, lee ๐Ÿ˜€

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