Ore Sinanju! HGUC WIP 04

HG to MG detail update + new mod!

Additional plus from the neck mod is that he can look up a bit more, not that he needs to but it allows him to look a bit more natural in flying pose!

The overall main body + thrusters is done. …havent got to sharpening the spikes, my hands are still cramped from nub removal and polishing XD

I tested adding some MG-like decal details, keep in mind it is a rough test and the white was from a gundam marker that is about 8 years old? im surprised it didnt dry out lol From far it looks good but close up you can see how the white markings dried looking like white out blobs haha

Click for make go big.


Also worked on a mod to allow the thrusters to extrude. It was highly difficult to achieve, try at your own discretion.


The Mod:


First unplug the rear section of the thrusters. After you have separated the sections, carefully place the rear portion back in place but not fully… it will go against your instincts to snap the piece back completely in, but dont.

Now the thrusters are extruded!

Yes, I am lame ๐Ÿ˜›


The fuel tanks will get seam line removal treatment… hope it turns out okay. I still have the shield and gun to clean up, as well as one more mod im trying to tackle.

Oh yea, for the leg poly cap I had a spare that just barely fit. After some cutting and adjustments, its almost as good as new! ^^



~ by rockleelotus on December 11, 2010.

33 Responses to “Ore Sinanju! HGUC WIP 04”

  1. >_< I missed so many WIP

    Nice, so all painted with Gundam markers only ?

  2. Cool. A more natural neck tilting angle.

    Regarding the extended thrusters, if one don’t do carefully, it might end looking uneven. XD

  3. Oh wow I thought bro use decals already haha ! But that’s 1 good white marker u had eh, mine was still watery even though shake like almost 5min per usage lolz….

    Time to top coat again & using some dry transfer decal from MG Sinanju ~

    • haha i hope i can find a better way to do it for a more refined look. my marker is watery too, have to apply like 4 coats to try and make t even ^^;

      nice nice! look forward to it ^^

      • Uh oh 4 coats, to me, it still watery lolz…

        Now I need gray surfacer (fine) then paint white gundam marker on it, better result, less thickness.

        • Just a heads up, saw a custom waterslide decals for HGUC Sinanju at hobbiescorner.com/.

          Still deciding whether getting it or not.

        • cool they actually have decals for this, that would really help make this kit look that much more awesome… hmmm but not sure if ill get them yet since i dont have any topcoat, ill see if i can work out some custom first.

  4. oh lol,i thought those white are polishing compound waiting to be polished XDD why not scratching the white to be rectangular to looks like decals? should look better IMO

    thumbs up on thruster! XD

    • LOL now that you mention it, it does look like that XD i did try to clean up the lines but consistency from the marker applied to blobly, not worth it to do. will look for a better way soon ^^

      thrusters full thrust!!!

  5. i think if u paint the trusters in silver, it will be nicer

    • will consider it, my silver marker doesnt work so well lately so i dunno. i think the thrusters were grey in the anime so i may leave it to match that, will have to double check!

  6. Hmm… White marker details… Interesting idea. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. If it was me, this one would no longer be Work In Progress

    • haha you would be able to finish it, in fact you should try one yourself ๐Ÿ˜›

      straight forward builds arent too complicated, im just doing a few mods to make and already awesome kit a little bit better!

  8. LOL, the thruster mod.
    I expected some complicated procedure…. XD

  9. You still have more mod? wow, and I thought it already looks done ๐Ÿ˜€
    Can’t wait to see what is next man!

  10. LOLed hard at your expert mod. XD haha. very cool on the white markers.. from far it really does looks like the decals! man.. ur sinanju is epic. WITH PROTRUDING THRUSTERS! XD

    • i hope i explained that complicated mod good enough so everyone can understand it ๐Ÿ˜›

      haha yea for afar its nice! now i need a diff kinda marker to clean it up and make it look nice close up too.

  11. Cool!!!!!!!!!! Makes me wanna get the Sinanju even more XD but i think I am still gona get destiny exetreme blast mode 1st after reading Z’z review. I made a stop motion video about freedom gundam recently, could you check it out and give some comments? Thanks

    • this is a really good kit, i highly recommend it! i havent had a chance to see Z’s review for that destiny kit yet but it must be good if your getting it opposed to sinanju!

      cool you make stop motions? sure ill take a look.

  12. And I am adding you to my blogroll, mind adding mine too?

  13. AWESOME! nuff said!

  14. Nice work with the touch up on the gold colour parts. The decal is one good way to make it more realistic and finish.

  15. I miss the WIPs, gotta reread them again.

    Sinanju really is tempting, but I don’t think to make another gunpla again before my existings got finished

    • please do, it was a fun build ^^

      i know what you mean there, i started on this on when i still have 2 kits in progress. but once you get to him, you wont be disappointed on this excellent kit ๐Ÿ˜€

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