Ore Sinanju! HGUC WIP 05 -Sinanju Kick!-

I slacked on some of the clean up work but Sinanju is still prepped and ready to go…

With the best shield ever!

Haha I was playing around with the awesome beams and came up with this, pretty deadly in offensive and defensive mode.

The Incomplete Mod:

Held in place with blue tack XD

Optional beam modes, I wanted to add some boosters so he could sent it flying like a giant funnel ๐Ÿ˜› Oh I painted the inside of the shield grey, the inside of all the thrusters blue and some other details but you cant see in the pics. I forgot to take some close up shots ^^;

The main new updates would be the seam line removal done on the fuel tanks, rifle and bazooka. This was a very tiring process bit im getting better at it.

He has got both long and close range covered.


and last but not least…

Sinanju Kickuu!!!


Overall im quite pleased with how this build turned out. The end seems a bit abrupt but I was a burnt out on modding and sanding *cof playing MHP3RD cof*, so I passed on some other ideas I had in mind. In the future I might make the attachment thing from the shoulder armor to the shield like on the MG and also make that shield mod functional, not just held in place with the blue tack stuff.

Another final note, big thanks to ZD for holding this groupbuild! Hope you get your kit soon man! Its been fun following the progress of all the members and seeing those sweet Sinanju kicks ๐Ÿ˜€



~ by rockleelotus on December 18, 2010.

28 Responses to “Ore Sinanju! HGUC WIP 05 -Sinanju Kick!-”

  1. That’s….. One deadly shield….

  2. O.O……………….

    Big Unicorn head spotted been kicked.

    • Lol that is one of my early creations since i got that head display stand. shes always on the lookout for trouble but might have bit off more that she can chew facing Sinanju!

  3. hoho~ congrats on finishing ๐Ÿ˜€ yeah hopefully i can also be with the kicking line XD oh hey, you got one nice white devil gettiing kick there XD

    • thanks ^^ wanted to do more but i am at the point where im not giving 100% so better to step away and call it a day for now.

      i will be looking forward to your build!

  4. oh my, the shield does look super cool! Love your idea to make a rider kick with that. Sasuga rocklee! Waiting for your sinanju gallery.

    • thanks heat! it is a shield for striking fear to its opponents muwahaha! whenever a kick is involved… gotta add some rider action ๐Ÿ˜€

      a sinanju gallery is a great idea. my photos have not been so great, another important aspect that needs some leveling up.

  5. Nais shield! and OMG That kick is win!

  6. Deadly kick is deadly. Also, an overkill shield is fine, too. =D

  7. whoa, that shield is definitely the result of “what if you make a weapon that look like the Neo Zeon symbol”! XD
    and LOL Drosselunicorn

  8. i dun care if you’d used blu-tacks.. ITS FREAKING AWESOME. now its time your sinanju wears the 1/48 sinanju display head too. XD

    • thanks ren! with all the beams attached, his arm cant support the weight of awesomeness XD ill try to complete this as a functional mod in the future!

      ive been thinking about getting that display head too but not to put on sinanju… that would look too funny lol

  9. Loll, I love that Drossel/ Gundam hybrid.


  11. I will be changing my sinaju kick coz it is too sucks XD

  12. LoL on the last picture ๐Ÿ˜†
    and there is no doubt that the shield is the best shield ever made for an MS

  13. wow big headed Lady Unicorn hahahahaha

  14. *read all WIPs*
    Hehe, been a while since I’ve read through you blog and now I finally have some free time to do whatever again. ^^;

    Nice mods going! As great as they are, I think I’ll only be trying out that neck mod which looks more straightforward to do. XP
    Now, all you need a is a fight scene to show off all those mods in full effect. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • haha yea youve been pretty busy, i havent been commenting much on your blog(s) but i do check out each post ^^

      thanks man, im really happy with the mods. didnt expect to do so much of them lol Sinanju deserves a good photoshoot or fight scene, hope to work on that soon!

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