Hunting with Saber Lion Again

Hungry Lions need to constantly hunt.

The hunt is on again.

A bigger prey took the bait.


The prey has noticed, dont let it get away Lion…




Uh oh, it attacked!




~ by rockleelotus on January 11, 2011.

24 Responses to “Hunting with Saber Lion Again”

  1. LOL Tako > Lion? :O

    guess we’ll never see that in real life! unless of course, a lion learns how to swin! xD

  2. Looks like Lion likes it. XD

  3. I wouldn’t mind eating some tako right now.

  4. haha, twist ending lol

  5. Saber Lion is so cute! Wanted to get Nendo Luka for the Tako minion but paying so much just for the minion is a little expensive…

  6. Arghh stop poisoning me with Nendo Saber Lion D:!!!

    And that Tako Luka..


    You is ebil!! LOL

  7. Lion eats tako?

  8. TakoLuka leaps! “It’s super effective!” XD

  9. Saber eat that tako!!!! Man its freaky and yet cute seeing something pinkish warp around Saber’s face 😛 Reminds me of alien facehuggers lol!!

  10. Eat or being eaten 😉

  11. Lol, i love that nendo, you can make so many funny scenes with it like this one XD

  12. […] Spotted Tako X Lion love? We all know whats really going on here. […]

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