Up to the date, update

Haro everyone,  just wanted to let you all know that this blog and I may be less active in the coming week and months. Long story short, it looks like ill be joining the 9 to 5 workforce again amongst other things.  Bye bye free time ^^;


I’ll see what the future holds for this blog after the transitioning period. On the bright side, I cant wait to buy more figures 😛



~ by rockleelotus on January 15, 2011.

34 Responses to “Up to the date, update”

  1. Joining back the 9 – 5 workforce? Welcome back, kid.
    Being out of work is mind-numbingly… BORING~!

    And yes, the good thing is… MOAR loots. da-ze~!

    (then again, I’m also in the 9 – 5 working regime)

    • thanks! till now i have been doing my own thing working from home(at least 10hrs a day)and been happy. this decision to go back to the norm 9-5 was made for me -_-;

      ill be attempting to take on 2 1/2 jobs starting next week… at least now i can say i have some more financial security XD

  2. ah… yes, work… haha well, you can always ninja-blog at work! 😛

  3. Good luck in your job then!

  4. ALl the best, hope it works out for you!

  5. well do your best. I myself hardly have time to update other than weekend

  6. Well on the bright side it’s more money for loots!

  7. Good luck and Congratulation for the new job 😀

  8. Good luck with your new job(s?). Hopefully it works out all fine and we can see you blogging again :D.

    • thanks! haha yup jobs, not sure if ill be able to handle it, but im going to continue the work i was doing from home prior to this new job. i do enjoy the fun of blogging so ill see if i can manage my time well enough to do it all lol

  9. oooo.. welcome welcome! ahhaa.. yes.. this is the ONLY reason me and tako works from 9-5.. MOARRR LOOTTSSSS… hang in there rocklee! ^^ abt ninja loots, tako does her posts on her iphone.. (o.O) ha. so busy the past weekk…. zzzz…

    • nooo dont welcome me, i just wanna work from home haha but that is true MOAR LOOTS factor is motivation in itself, so i will do my best ^^ ninja tako has skills! maybe i should get an iphone too? lol both of you hang in there too x_x;

  10. my my, welcome to the routine XD

    my normal school is 8-4, except for thursday, 8-6 (OSHI!)

    then again, still can be in the net even in the class XD

    • wahh smart guy, so much time in school… unless you spend all that time on the net in class lol 😛

      before when i was working 9-5, it killed me mentally… so frustrated and exhausted all the time XD hopefully i can manage better this time around.

  11. Woooooooooo… welcome to the club XD…

    this means more loots coming~! lol..

    good luck to you! 😀

  12. You could try short post blogging to fit in your ninja blogging style or after work blogging.

    When im really tired i usually post a short post n then go to sleep XD

    • the chaos starts tomorrow *gulp*

      thanks for the tips, figure stories always take me a while to setup so i might do part by part everyday after work or something. maybe my schedule wont be as bad as im thinking ^^;

  13. Ah all the best on your new job man. It can be quite a challenge doing a post after that hectic day in the office. But heh at least you can spam the buy button on those online hobby shops now haha!!

    I am so gonna miss your figure stories! I know it can take a really really long time to set them up!

    • buy buy buy! haha thanks chubbs, ill see if i can manage something. im sure work will drain my energy reserve fairly quickly as before ^^;

      maybe ill have to change my blogging method, i just hope i can continue making stories that dont lack in quality lol *assuming my stories are of quality thus far* XD

      • Haha have faith in your stories man, they are really top notched!!!

        Speaking of blogging method, I used to be able to update like 3-4 times a week…now its like one post once or twice in a week!!! Guess the toughest part now is getting use to this new adjustment!!

        • thanks for the vote of confidence! ^^

          its been great to see you updating even with your busy schedule and up coming event! hope i can do the same soon, so far the adjusting is tough with all the work and being sick now for over a week lol, will try to make a post soon XD

  14. Real life will always eventually catch up to us. Good luck! ^ ^

  15. All the best to you rocklee!
    being able to do gunpla or figures only on weekends will make you even more in love with them 😀

  16. Good luck with the work, Lee!! Soon, I’ll be in your shoes, too ^^;;

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