Surprised Nagi is Surprised -Love Edition-

Its not yet valentines day, but love cant wait!

*Its important to love yourself*

Spotted Tako X Lion love? We all know whats really going on here.

Its robot love, she is riding him hard and in public too! ^^;


Errr… love is love.

Wait a second… Nagi likes?



Luckily today is a holiday and I finally got to complete this surprised Nagi post 😀


~ by rockleelotus on January 17, 2011.

37 Responses to “Surprised Nagi is Surprised -Love Edition-”

  1. The first is is ^^b
    But the last one… WTFAMISEEING?~!

    *douses eyes with a bottle of Dettol*


  3. lol nagi likes yaoi? ^_^

  4. Lol omg that last picture…….rider on rider action haha!!!

    @Bd lend me your dettol too!!!!

  5. Tako X Lion love looks damn sexy.

    Btw, congrats on joining the 9-5 club. Hope the pay is good. 🙂

  6. i love the last picture lolol

  7. o.o are those hoppers gonna hop to bed soon? LOL my eyes have been defiled by you! D:

    Nice robot love pic ;D BAHAHAHHA

    • they are too hot and heavy, no time to find a bed! XD …need bd to pass you the dettol? lol

      not only were the robot doing it in public, they were loud with all the metal clanking together hahaha

  8. The last picture…….
    Will haunt me in my nightmares…..

  9. so she’s into yaoi? That’s my Nagi XD

  10. are we gonna see some little grasshoppers ard soon? XD

  11. I’m trying my best to unsee the last image as I look at my own Kick and Punch Hoppers. @_@

  12. Oh Nagi, you fujoshi!

  13. Instead of Nagi, it was me who was making the surprised face for the last picture (it is the “I wish I didn’t see it” kind of surprise)

  14. what has been seen cannot be unseen X_X

    kamen riders…. they are O_O

  15. LOL love the last one haha,I still scared everytime watching end of those Hoppers >_<….

  16. huahahahaha, the hopper brothers!
    is it a deleted scene from the TV series? ^^

  17. Haha! Two Konatas?? And lol @ Manly love xD

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