Life With Nendos: Creep – 4koma

Haro ppls! Its been ages but here is a 4koma for you, how have you all been? ^^;

*click to enlarge*

 Once again this little blog has been neglected for far too long. Distractions and work have been keeping me busy and tired, so much that there are still unopened nendos on my shelf from months back XD It also doesnt help that I started playing Starcraft 2 recently, to me its one of the most stress inducing games ever lol Im on the North American server if anyone wants to game, let me know 😀

Sorry again for the lack of activity here and in commenting to those on my blogroll. More stories/4koma coming soon…?


~ by rockleelotus on October 1, 2011.

17 Responses to “Life With Nendos: Creep – 4koma”

  1. Welcome back~!

    Looks like the curse of Starcraft 2 has hit you. Badly… XD

    Hang on… spread creep? whut?

    Good thing Yoko there had stopped you from spreading too much. XD

    • Thanks bd! haha yeah SC2 is a challenging game, as a fan of the first i had to get it eventually.

      creep has to do with the zerg race, which i play ^^ creep spread denied for me XD

  2. It’s good to see you’re back, Lee!

    I think spread creep has something to do with starcraft

  3. It’s been way too long! But good to see you around as always~

  4. Ho! Welcome back! 😀

    aha, spreading creep eh? wanna build up your own Zerg armies of ants? XD

  5. Really nice to see you back ^^
    Keep those 4koma coming dude!

  6. Haha talk about coming back with a bang bro! No more creep spreading when yoko is around hehe…nice reference to SC2 there!!

    • good terran stopping my creep lol badly playing too much SC2 lately 😛

      you are a good opponent, i realized SEA>NA servers. was a lot better to have you on my side in 2s haha

  7. Wow Nice self Portrait 😀 and Welcome Back 😀

  8. @bd77
    Yep. Creep has something to do with StarCraft. Zerg colonies require Creep in order to construct their buildings. And well, they do look a bit like grape jelly. LOL. But they’re more on the icky side. XD

    Okaerinasai! ^^ Good thing she didn’t lock you with a nuke from whatever Terran base she came from. XD

  9. We’re both consistently inconsistent with our blogs. Haha. Nice to see a new post. ^^

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