Life With Nendos: Bubble Fun – 4koma

fun fun.

*click to enlarge*

Have you ever done that when learning to blow a bubble? I know I have ^^;


~ by rockleelotus on October 10, 2011.

10 Responses to “Life With Nendos: Bubble Fun – 4koma”

  1. now, all we need is to spit that out to Nagi’s hair, and let she endure hell 😄

  2. LOL, this is awesome!

  3. bwahahaha!
    Keep the 4 koma coming, rocklee ^^

  4. LoL~! You supposed to blow a bubble not shoot out the gum. 😄

  5. lol we all have gone through that phase at one point in our life time 😄

  6. lol….nagi is funny!! Anyway great time playing SC2 with you during the weekend keke!

  7. ‘Please, I’m a goddess…’ LOL. 😄
    I am fully capable of dirtying up your shirt. Hahahaha.

  8. Haha nice one!
    I made sure to save that as reference 😄

    just because your a goddess doesnt mean you know everything.

  9. Yuck, that is bubbles in total failure 😀
    Thankfully I never gone through that experience

  10. Please, I’m a goddess — love that expression on her face while chewing gum. Haha

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