Life With Nendos: Size Matters – 4koma


A lot late but re-live memories of Halloween Saber Lion style 😛


~ by rockleelotus on January 8, 2012.

17 Responses to “Life With Nendos: Size Matters – 4koma”

  1. the lion size candy more looks like bolsters or plushies now ^^

  2. Sooo… now there’s a LION size, eh? XD

  3. yeah, you’re gonna need that much to satisfy a lion 😀

  4. lol very funny and cute strips and welcome back to blogging ^^

  5. Ahhhh i missed that “Gao” so much! This is such a fun noise when you think of it, i will try it at work.
    Anyway she should watch her weight because bigger candies makes bigger bellies 😀

  6. Pray she doesn’t get a lion sized toothache after that sweet!

  7. is that you I spy in the background ^_^

  8. I want a piece of it!

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