Life With Nendos: Math is Hard – 4koma

Valentines Day is coming up…

Just a single digit looking to be part of a simple equation.

Love eludes me yet another year 😛 hope you all feel some love whether your part of an equation or not ^__^v

I kinda rushed this one but it still took me forever lol


~ by rockleelotus on February 4, 2012.

18 Responses to “Life With Nendos: Math is Hard – 4koma”

  1. I’m also forever alone-ing out here. It’s harder when you see people around you getting hitched by the day. Oh well, hang in there!

  2. um….so…..together alone XD

  3. hahaha cute ^^ almost valentine day after all

  4. Bitter sweet~ Still wish you the best!

  5. awwww *hugs*

  6. Ah when the time comes it will come haha. Sometimes it jumps on you when you least expect it!

  7. Yeah, it’ll come eventually, just make sure you don’t ignore it when it is there ^^

  8. This is so cute yet a bit sad. Good things come to those who wait, I guess you don’t have anything to worry about 🙂

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