Playtime is Over!?

Just another average quiet nendoroid filled day.

The girls chatting away

Saber Lion hears a noise…

Gaooo gaoo!!!!!

*runs away*

Miku: What crawled up her butt?

Nagi: Lololol


Reika: Hello ladies, its been a while.

Oh shi~

-Panic Mode-

Formation 2 go!

Meiya: Too easy.

Reika: How I have missed that look on your face.

Meiya: Don’t even think about it.

Miku: I’ll give you my green onions!…

(Gantz reference)

After many months, forced nendo labor resumes!

This is just the beginning, no nendos are safe 😛

Yes, I finally purchased a new camera 🙂 thanks to evolution for the site he recommended, it helped me make my decision. I forgot how difficult and time consuming making figure stories can be lol


~ by rockleelotus on February 20, 2012.

14 Responses to “Playtime is Over!?”

  1. Looks like the nendos at my place are in better condition than yours. XD

    Then again, the number of nendos will increase, soon. ish…

    • Lol your nendos have been doing damage! sometimes my girls need to be disciplined… on cuteness! XD

      ohhh i am intrigued, wonder who will be the one to be thrown into the chaos!

  2. Hey there thanks for the link! Glad to know the site helped. What camera did you pick in the end?

  3. Hohohoh the new cam looks nice 😀

    • thanks! i kept putting off buying a new cam but this one is worth it. now i just need a lighting setup and the quality should increase ten fold!

      *might not happen soon because im lazy ^^;*

  4. Slavery on nendos is a heavy crime! LoL, anyway, what camera did you get?

    • gotta catch em all! forced to be cute, that is the nendo life lol

      i got the canon s95! its really good but i did notice for some stories that im working on, the pictures are still grainy because of poor lighting 😦 its been years and i still dont have a space/lighting setup for this stuff… so lazy! XD

  5. Nagi’s face during panic mode is so adorably funny. ^ ^
    This feels a bit like a Gantz alien hunting session.

  6. Buhaha, great to hear you got your new camera and even to have your stories back!!!

    Time to get those nendos to work!!! haha

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