Here you will find a list of my completed and work in progress Gunpla projects. My focus has been experimenting with weathering and battle damage. Some of the WIP post may include random things ^^;


HGUC Sinanju

WIP: 01020304 05


HGUC RX-78-2 Ver. G30th

WIP: 01020304050607 – 08 coming soon…


MG Gouf Custom

WIP: 0102030405 -06 coming soon…


Scratch Build Wing Keyblade

WIP: 010203 – 04- ~coming soon~

My Gunpla Tools

as of…



HGM Neue Ziel

WIP: 010203040506mini MS


Unicorn Head Display Base

WIP: 0102


MG Wing Zero Custom

WIP: 01020304050607


MG Exia  -Ignition Mode- WIP:

Normal Mode: 0102

Repair Mode: 01


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